Union Process Produces Special S-5 Attritor

Akron, Ohio. . .Union Process, known globally as a manufacturer of size reduction and dispersing equipment for research and industrial applications, has produced an S-5 Batch Attritor for a customer in the dental market.

Prior to the purchase of the production-size S-5 Attritor, Union Process worked closely with the customer to develop their new product on a laboratory S-1 Attritor in the Union Process lab. Afterwards, Union Process helped the customer size and custom design a mill for their production needs. Union Process was then able to further assist the customer by toll grinding the product for them in the Union Process pilot plant to meet early sample requirements while the S-5 was in production.

The S-5 has a gross tank volume of nine gallons, a media volume of five gallons, and a slurry volume of four to six gallons. Because this application requires a metal-free environment, Union Process supplied a Tefzel-lined milling tank. The stainless steel tank cover was also nylon-coated on the product side. Additionally, the cover features a Teflon shaft seal for minimizing solvent vapor loss during milling. As with all Union Process Attritors, the tank is designed to tilt for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The S-5 Attritor features a control station with a process timer, a two-stage temperature alarm, and a continuous hour meter. A dual meter station is mounted on the Attritor, which displays RPM and amperage.

The 5 HP, explosion-proof motor is controlled via a variable frequency drive (VFD) which features an LCD operator interface module programmed to display RPM, amps, and HP being used. The S-5 also has safety features such as interlocks on the tank cover and the tank tilt. A temperature safety switch is built into the cover to shut off the mill in the event of the product overheating.

Union Process Batch Attritors are ideal for long-term, heavy-duty operation. The mills are easy to operate, energy efficient, and up to ten times faster than a traditional ball mill.

For more information on S-Series Attritors, other grinding equipment, grinding media, lab services, refurbishing or reconditioning of Attritors, and custom toll processing, contact Union Process or visit www.unionprocess.com.

Union Process is the inventor and developer of Attritor technology and manufactures wet and dry grinding mills as well as small media mills.

Attritor is a registered trademark of Union Process, Inc.

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