Union Process Produces QL-100 Attritor for the Milling of Specialty Inks

Akron, OH. . .Union Process, Inc., known globally as a manufacturer of size reduction and dispersing equipment for research and industrial applications, has produced three QL-100 Circulation Attritors for the milling of specialty inks.

The QL-100 is the largest and newest model of the Union Process Q-Series Attritors and is specially designed with an ASME-coded vessel that will withstand 75 PSI. This QL-100 Attritor has specially configured arms and disks to maximize agitation. It is equipped with a shaft seal to handle products with high viscosities. Additionally, the mill is equipped with a special hardened steel to maximize the life of various parts of the mill and to address the customer's contamination concerns. Powered by a 150 HP motor, the gross tank volume is approximately 120 gallons and is filled with 100 gallons of media.

Patented circulation Attritors from Union Process combine an Attritor with a large holding tank. The Attritor is filled with media and contains grids that restrain the media while the slurry is allowed to pass through. The unique principle of the "Q" Attritor is the high circulation (pumping) rate which forces the entire contents of the holding tank to pass through the Attritor about 8 times per hour. This results in a faster grind and a narrower particle size distribution. With the circulation process, the material passes through the grinding chamber multiple times until the desired particle size is obtained.

For more information on Q-Series Attritors, other grinding equipment, grinding media, lab services, refurbishing or reconditioning of Attritors, and custom toll processing, contact Union Process or visit www.unionprocess.com.

Union Process is the inventor and developer of Attritor technology and manufactures wet and dry grinding mills as well as small media mills.

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