Unimerco to Exhibit New PCD Spool Bore Reaming Technology with MQL / "Dry" Machining Capabilities at IMTS 2006

Saline, MI, August 8th, 2006- UNIMERCO will exhibit its latest PCD tooling solutions for machining aluminum valve body spool bores using MQL in booth E-2477 at IMTS in Chicago. Additionally, Cross Huller Ex-Cell-O Lamb will be exhibiting our UM Dandia tooling on their new XHC 241 high-speed, linear motor horizontal machining center with "dry" machining capabilities at booth A-8218. Offering PCD roughing and finishing reamers in single and multi-diameters, these UM Dandia PCD Reamers raise the performance bar to a level not seen before.

To machine a transmission valve body at the lowest possible costs, you need the best possible combination of machinery, machining parameters and tooling solutions. UM Dandia PCD tooling have proven capable of machining a wide variety of spool bores in a production MQL environment.

UM Dandia PCD tools are suitable for "dry" minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) machining as well as conventional "wet" machining applications. For MQL environments, UNIMERCO draws on their experiences in MQL machining to ensure the coolant holes and tool geometry are specially designed to ensure the proper delivery of the oil/mist solution to the cutting zone for optimal chip evacuation.

In production environments, UM Dandia tooling have operated in a wide range of parameters, based on the cross section of the bore and the bore tolerance. Typical operating parameters for UM Dandia PCD spool bore reamers are in the range of 6,000-10,000 RPMs at chip loads of 0.2-0.4 mm/rev resulting in a feedrate of 1,200 to 4,000 mm/min. Using UM Dandia Heli-Ream PCD Reamer, UNIMERCO has proven capable of operating the tools in finish spool bore applications at 12,000 RPM at 0.5 mm/rev or a blistering feedrate of 6 m/min!

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Complete information on the complete line of UM Dandia PCD Reamers and the UM Dandia Heli-Ream is available by contacting UNIMERCO, Inc. at 6620 State Road, Saline, MI 48176, phone (734) 944-4433 or by e-mail at ummi@unimerco.com or by visiting the company website at www.unimerco.com.

UNIMERCO, Inc. is part of the global UNIMERCO group headquartered in Denmark. UNIMERCO is an international manufacturer and distributor of tooling solutions with companies in the US, the UK, Germany, Denmark, China, Sweden, Norway and the Czech Republic. UNIMERCO was established in 1964 and today has around 600 employees. The core activities focus on consulting and optimization in connection with distribution of tooling solutions and services targeted at a number of industries including automotive, aerospace, telecom, general machining , food processing, window and furniture.

UNIMERCO's consulting and optimization efforts at customers are systematized in the working methods UM CONCEPT(TM) and UM SOP(TM).

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