Underwater Laser Scanner Used for 3D Measurements of Steam Dryer

Renton, WA – A Newton Labs’ NM200UW Underwater Laser scanner captured precision as-built dimensions at a Midwest Nuclear Facility during a recent spring outage.

A team of engineers, supported by Newton Labs, performed 3D laser scanning on the four vessel support brackets and the four associated steam dryer seismic blocks.

“Newton is proud to have played such a critical role in this inspection,” stated Newton Labs’ President John Bramblet.  “The NM200UW Underwater Laser Scanner continues to build a track record of producing high quality 3D data to be used for engineering analysis, structural integrity and manufacturing of custom parts.”

The NM200UW scanner was deployed during critical path and took multiple scans around each target. Scan data was post-processed off-site and converted to CAD within hours of the data acquisition. The CAD measurements were used to design and machine a support shim.

Nuclear Divers from Underwater Construction Corporation welded the shim in place using their ASME Section XI safety related underwater welding procedure.

“The data acquired from the NM200UW was the foundation of the project’s success,” said Philip G. McDermott, Director Global Nuclear Services Under Water Construction Company. “The combination of very precise shim measurements and lessons learned during the full scale diver mock up were incorporated into the final design of the shim and weld and contributed to a very successful project for the customer.”

With a demonstrated accuracy of 0.005 inches or better, Newton Underwater Laser Scanners are the most accurate measurement tools available for 3D as-built inspection. Using this technology, plant operators will be able to accurately and consistently capture precise measurements that are critical to the successful design of modification and replacement hardware for reactor internals, without the need for custom measurement tooling.

About Newton Labs

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