Underwater Drone features 300 m depth rating.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring open-frame architecture, Phantom™ T5 ROV provides full HD video with 20X optical zoom and on-screen videographic overlay mounted on tilt platform with angle feedback. Maintenance-free auto functions include auto-heading, auto-depth, auto-stabilize, and auto-altitude. Offering 2-person portability, unit is housed in non-corroding polypropylene chassis with magnetically coupled thrusters and dedicated expansion bulkhead connectors, used for both power and telemetry.

Original Press Release:

Deep Ocean Engineering Introduces its Newest Underwater Drone - The Phantom(TM) T5 ROV

San Jose, CA – Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. has revealed its newest addition to its family of underwater drones, the Phantom™ T5 ROV; a powerful, rugged, reliable, portable and easily expandable system.

The applications for use of the Phantom T5 span a broad spectrum of industries, including;

• Homeland Security - Defense, Military, Customs, Police

• Hydroelectric System Monitoring - Power Plants, Reservoirs

• Infrastructure Inspections - Bridges, Tunnels, Pipelines, Ships

• Scientific Research - Geology, Biology, Archeology

• Exploration - Oil and Gas, Salvage, Search and Recovery

• Cinematography – Videos, Photos, Film

“The Phantom T5 open-frame architecture makes mechanical integrations a breeze, while the dedicated expansion bulkhead connectors, used for both power and telemetry, are provided as standard. In addition, an optional tool skid allows the customer to “bolt on” their sensors or tools by plugging into the expansion bulkhead connectors for nearly limitless, task-specific, expansion possibilities” said John Bergman, Deep Ocean Engineering, Vice President of Engineering.

Ben Kinnaman, President and CEO of Greensea Systems, Inc., appreciates what a great match the powerful T5 is with Greensea’s advanced controls. He states, “The (Deep Ocean Engineering) engineers are top-tier, and we are happy to work with such a strong, resilient, and rugged vehicle. We know that integrating any of our navigation, control, and autonomy packages on their ROVs will result in high performance and increased capabilities.”

Standard Phantom T5 features include:

• Full HD video (1080i & 0.35 lux) with 20X optical zoom, on-screen videographic overlay mounted on a tilt platform with angle feedback

• 300m depth rating (500m optional), LED Lights, and two person portability (39 kg / 86 lbs. dry weight)

• user accessible power/telemetry bulkheads and open frame architecture for facilitated expansion

• minimal topside footprint for rapid deployment

• high performance, magnetically coupled thrusters (highest thrust to weight ratio and reliability of any ROV in its class

• resilient, non-corroding polypropylene chassis

• maintenance-free auto-functions available (including auto-heading, auto-depth, auto-stabilize, and auto-altitude)

Based in San Jose, California, Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. is an established world leader in the design, manufacture, service and support of high performance, rugged, and reliable underwater ROV and USV (surface) systems. For further information, please visit the Deep Ocean Engineering website at www.deepocean.com, or call 408-436-1102.

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