ULVAC Introduces Multi Ionization Gauge 'SH2', Spectroscopic Ellipsometer 'UNECS-3000A' and Pendulum Valves 'VFR-400' and 'VFR-500'

Chigasaki, Japan - ULVAC, Inc. introduces the "SM2", a transducer type multi ionization gauge which can connect gauge heads with different measurement ranges. ULVAC also releases, the "UNECS-3000A", an automatic high-speed spectroscopic ellipsometer which can measure the thickness of a thin film, as well as, optical constant. Finally, ULVAC announces the launch of the "VFR-400" and "VFR-500", large pendulum valves for FPD manufacturing equipment, used in markets such as organic EL (electroluminescent) manufacturing and large vacuum equipment.

Overview of "SH2"

ULVAC has developed and commercialized the G-TRAN "Multi ionization Gauge SH2" (patent pending) transducer type that can connect gauge heads with different measurement ranges. The newly developed G-TRAN Series "Multi Ionization Gauge SH2" is a separation type wide range vacuum gauge that can connect three different types of vacuum gauges by incorporating signals from a Pirani gauge "SPU" and an Atmospheric sensor "SAU".

In addition to being able to select the gauge head to meet the desired vacuum range by the user, the vacuum gauge also has following advantages.

(1) Possible to measure a wide range (atmospheric pressure to high vacuum range; 5x10-8Pa)

(2) Possible to replace only failed gauge heads

(3) Possible to reduce running costs (low environmental burden type)

With the new G-TRAN Series "Multi ionization Gauge SH2" it is possible to select the gauge head for the range that needs to be measured. The heart of the new product is the "Multi ionization gauge SH2" unit which can measure ranges from a medium vacuum to a high vacuum. A wide range of measurements can be performed by using the Pirani gauge (SPU) if a low vacuum range measurement is required, or connect the Atmospheric sensor (SAU) if you would like to precisely measure atmospheric pressure. For this product we focused our development on usability by including a warning function that will let the user know when the filament life is low and a highly visible LED that will let the user know from afar when a malfunction has occurred. The price of the consumable Multi ionization gauge head was also lowered to half of original market price.

Overview of "UNECS-3000A"

The "UNECS-3000A" automatic high-speed spectroscopic ellipsometer combines the ultra-fast measuring capabilities of "UNECS-2000" high-speed spectroscopic ellipsometer with an automatic mapping function that can handle 300 mm diameter substrates, thus enabling greatly enhanced measurement of film thickness distribution. For example, it takes just 120 seconds to measure 106 points on a 300 mm diameter wafer. This is less than one fifth of the time for conventional products from other companies, meaning dramatic time savings on film thickness distribution evaluation. The "UNECS-3000A" is extremely versatile and can be used for purposes such as evaluating resist film thickness for semiconductor lithography and organic EL display film, and in a wide range of settings including production lines and in research and development. Product features are described below.

(1) Automatic mapping function

The product is equipped with an automatic R-theta stage that can support a maximum 300 mm diameter substrate which can automatically measure the thickness of the substrate surface and optical constant distribution and display the measurement results on a color map.

(2) Ultra high-speed measurements

This product can achieve ultra-high-speed measurements (maximum speed of 20ms/point) with the snapshot measurement by using spectroscopic ellipsometry with two high-order retarders which was impossible for the previous spectroscopic ellipsometer.

(3) Cost performance

This product offers incredible cost performance because it comes standard with functions such as 300 mm diameter automatic mapping, automatic height adjustment, a lap-top computer, analysis software, and other equipment.

(4) Editable materials table file

The materials table file, containing optical constants for substrates and films, can be edited and added to by users, enabling the easy creation of user-unique databases.

(5) Multi-layer film measurements

Up to six layers of film thickness can be analyzed at one time. (Film thickness and optical constants can be measured simultaneously only for the upper layer of film.)

Overview of "VFR-400" and "VFR-500"

ULVAC has developed and commercialized Large Pendulum Valves "VFR-400" and "VFR-500" for large vacuum systems.

The diameters of the newly developed Large Pendulum Valve "VFR-400" and "VFR-500" are 16 inches and 20 inches respectively.

Features of these new products are as follows.

(1) This product does not use a mechanical lock mechanism. A unique sealing mechanism realizes low-vibration opening and closing movements (patent pending).

(2) Maintainability was improved because it is possible to put on and take off its valve plate without removing the valve casing from vacuum systems.


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