Ultrasonic Welding System features vertical stroke.

Press Release Summary:

With total stroke of 1.9 in., 20 kHz Ultraweld Linear 20 employs actuator that works in linear up/down motion and may be tooled for nonferrous welding applications. Vertical stroke makes tooling parallel front to back at all times. Along with precision roller bearing slide, system features dovetail mounting, flow controls, and adjustable upper and lower positive stops. Polar mounted ultrasonic stack facilitates linear and axial setup.

Original Press Release:

Amtech Introduces Ultraweld Linear 20 (L-20), 20 kHz Welding System

AmTech's new Ultraweld Linear 20 is a 20 kHz ultrasonic metal welding system that offers the highest degree of reliability and weld quality in the Market today. The designation Linear 20 is derived from the way the actuator works - in a linear up/down motion. The Ultraweld Linear 20's stoke is vertical, which makes the tooling parallel front to back at all times and only requires the setup of the tooling to be precise from side-to-side. The total travel (stroke) of the ultrasonic stack is 50mm (1.9in) which allows for easy loading/unloading of parts. It can be used for applications in automotive, battery, electrical, medical, electrical contact welding and wire termination.

The L-20 system is easily tooled for a wide range of nonferrous welding applications. It has a precision roller bearing slide to assure smooth operation and extreme accuracy. Fixturing is changed quickly and easily for various applications, by means of a dovetail mounting. Precise adjustments can be made for accurate setting of both upper and lower positive stops. Conveniently located flow controls offer easy adjustment of head speeds in both directions and for cooling of the ultrasonic tooling

A polar mounted ultrasonic stack facilitates linear and axial setup and efficient transmission of ultrasonic energy to the horn. Tool steel replaceable tips are available. Also available, are solid tool steel horns, which allow for fast setup time.

The Ultraweld Linear 20 works with AmTech's Touchscreen Controller for precise control of all welding functions.

Headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, AmTech, a subsidiary of Branson Ultrasonics Corporation, is the leading worldwide manufacturer ultrasonic metal welding equipment.

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