Ultrasonic Sensors provide sensing ranges to 25 ft.

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US25-OEM Self-Contained Ultrasonic Sensors are designed for sensing solids or liquids. They provide sensing ranges from 8 in. to 25 ft. Sensors feature analog, digital and trip point outputs. Automatic adjustment of sensor settings is accomplished via AutoSense software.

Original Press Release:

New Ultrasonic Sensors for Carwash Applications Work on Solids or Liquids, Provide Sensing Range to 25 Ft.

Scientific Technologies, Inc., Automation Products Group, introduces US25-OEM Self-contained Ultrasonic Sensors. Designed for sensing solids or liquids in carwash applications, these maintenance free ultrasonic sensors provide easy installation, a number of mounting options, and a sensing range from 8 inches to 25 ft. Constructed to withstand harsh environments, US25-OEM ultrasonic sensors are ideal for a number of carwash applications, including carwash automation, distance measurement in a wash bay, and vehicle profiling for washes and dryers. They feature analog, digital and trip point outputs and Automatic adjustment of sensor settings via STI's AutoSense software. These ultrasonic sensors are available from stock in blue or black, and can be constructed in custom colors in quantity. Ultrasonic proximity sensors provide a new technology solution to the problem of vehicle detection and profile in the latest automatic car washes. As a vehicle approaches the car wash terminal, the system must detect the presence of the vehicle. Upon detection, the terminal activates a voice menu for car wash options, providing instruction and prompting the user to upgrade their wash. The US25-OEM sensor is mounted on the terminal stand providing non-contact detection of vehicles, regardless of color or shape. Inside the wash, the vehicle width and length must be determined in order to maximize the wash performance. In a touchless wash, the spray nozzles have an optimum range where they provide the most effective cleaning. US-25 sensors are mounted on the carriage that supports the wash wand. As the carriage travels the length of the wash bay the sensors measure the distance to the vehicle. This provides the wash controller with both the left/right position of the vehicle as well as its width and length. STI has been selected twice by Forbes and three times by Business Week as one of the "world's best small companies." STI's Automation Products Group serves the factory automation, semiconductor, transportation, oil and gas, consumer and food processing industries with a diversified offering of sensing technologies. Products include level, flow, pressure sensing, positioning transducers, vehicle separation, profiling and ultrasonic sensors and controls.

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