Ultrasonic Sensors can be configured via software tools.

Press Release Summary:

USDS Series Sensors measure distances ranging from 50 mm to 10 m. They have analog outputs of 4 to 20 Ma. Two switching outputs allow them to be used as either analog distance measuring sensors or proximity switches. USDS series sensors are suitable for level measuring applications, and can also be used in various non-measuring applications. They maintain absolute accuracy of 1.5% between -25° and 70° C temperature range.

Original Press Release:

USDS Series Ultrasonic Sensors

Measuring distances has become a key function in industrial processes and production lines and with Leuze-Lumiflex's new Ultrasonic Sensors this job has never been easier or more accurate. The USDS line can carry out measuring tasks under virtually any conceivable condition and do so with the highest degree of accuracy. Measuring distances range from 50mm to 10 m and can be configured utilizing a special software tool and programming terminal. The USDS series has an analog output of 4 to 20 Ma along with 2 switching outputs which allow them to be used as either an analog distance measuring sensor or a proximity switch. Perfect for level measuring applications the USDS can also be used in a variety of other non measuring applications and will maintain an absolute accuracy of 1.5% between a temperature range of -25 degrees to +70 degrees centigrade.

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