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Ultrasonic Camera System provides corrosion mapping.

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Nov 15, 2012 - Designed to operate in high temperature environments of petrochemical industry, FirstMap™ offers view into oil and gas pipelines and storage tanks and can perform inspections during production. By incorporating wheel encoder in camera head, system enables users to take continuous images, stitch them together, and create panoramic photographic image. Camera's preset function ensures that appropriate procedures are followed each time.

Imperium, Inc. - Beltsville, MD

Original Press Release

Imperium Inc. Introduces the FirstMap Ultrasonic Camera System

Press release date: Oct 31, 2012

FirstMap(TM) - the Corrosion Mapping application the Oil and Gas Industry has been waiting for

BELTSVILLE, Md., --  Imperium Inc is pleased to announce the introduction of its newest ultrasonic camera, FirstMap(TM).  The FirstMap(TM) Corrosion Mapping system has been designed specifically for the Petrochemical industry, offering a revolutionary view into oil and gas pipelines and storage tanks.

Designed to operate in the demanding high temperature environments of the Petrochemical industry, FirstMap(TM) is the first corrosion mapping system that can perform inspections during production.  FirstMap allows you to scan multiple images and stitch them together creating a comprehensive large area scan. By incorporating a wheel encoder into the camera head, you can now take continuous images, stitch them together and create a panoramic photographic image. 

"Accurate testing and inspection for materials corrosion is a crucial aspect to keeping plants and pipelines online and functional," said Bob Lasser, President of Imperium.  "Oil and gas leaks necessitate taking production facilities off-line and can cause major environmental damage and their associated lengthy public relations nightmares."

"Due to the large areas that must be inspected, the inspection process is very time consuming and tedious," Mr. Lasser continued. "Potential problems are easy to overlook and the complex inspection techniques involved have created a shortage of qualified technicians. The FirstMap(TM)( )is very intuitive and easy to operate.  It doesn't require any special training and can be set up and providing images in less than five minutes."

The camera's preset function allows users to get right to work and also ensures that the appropriate procedures are being followed each time. The result is faster and more consistent results.

FirstMap(TM) allows users to immediately see a complete picture of the area being inspected. Technicians can see corrosion problems on the spot and generate a comprehensive data and visual representation of the problem.

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