Ultrasonic Bonding Provides Fail-Safe Reliability for Armored Vest Manufacturers as Military Demand Surges

Industry Leaders Depend on Sonobond Ultrasonics'
SeamMaster(TM) Bonders

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania, June 26, 2007 - Pressured to keep pace with military demand for armored vests to protect U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, manufacturers worldwide are relying on Sonobond Ultrasonics' bonding equipment to ensure the life-saving properties of their products.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Assembly
Sonobond uses ultrasonic energy to cut and seal synthetic materials in just one pass, creating seams far superior to stitching, heat-sealing, adhesive or stationary sonic methods. Stitch holes and glue gaps are completely eliminated, decreasing the risk of exposing bullet-proof materials - like Spectra-Shield® and Kevlar® - to moisture, which compromises life-saving effectiveness.

"Ultrasonic bonding meets the fail-safe standards of armored vest manufacturers by helping them ensure that their products, which are designed to save lives, work perfectly," says Janet Devine, president, Sonobond Ultrasonics. MSA Paraclete, St. Pauls, North Carolina, and ForceOne Armor, Granite Falls, North Carolina, are among leading armored vest manufacturers that use Sonobond's SeamMaster(TM) line of ultrasonic bonders.

Protecting Bullet-Proof Materials from Moisture
Most armored vests are designed with an outer layer of coated synthetic material to protect the core from exposure to moisture. Sonobond's SeamMaster(TM) continuous bonding equipment creates a moisture-proof seam that's key to quality and performance of armored vests. The SeamMaster(TM) channels high-frequency vibrations to the synthetic material as it passes between the horn, which delivers the energy, and the rotating pattern wheel, creating a rapid heat buildup at the material contact point. "The ultrasonic energy causes the material to melt and fuse, creating a strong molecular bond, which is impervious to moisture," explains Devine.

Meeting Tough Industry Regulations
The dependable seams created by SeamMaster(TM) equipment also provide secure barrier protection in items such as body bags, hospital mattress covers, and surgical masks, gowns and drapes. "The capabilities of our equipment help manufacturers meet tough industry regulations and protect medical and
emergency personnel from potentially hazardous fluids," notes Devine.

Easy, Fast, Efficient Production
The SeamMaster(TM) High Profile Bonder and SeamMaster(TM) 10 Ultrasonics Cutter/Sealer machines are as easy to use as conventional sewing machines, yet four times faster, running at speeds up to 60 feet per minute. They permit hand-guided applications with tight tolerances or curves and work up to 10 times the speed of adhesive methods, making them exceptionally cost-effective. A wide selection of pattern wheels can slit, emboss, and stitch. The SeamMaster(TM) 10 is a tabletop unit and the SeamMaster(TM) High Profile Bonder is a free-standing unit available in modular form for integration into production lines. It also has an optional speed-up kit to increase operation up to 120 feet per minute.

For single-weld operations, Sonobond offers the SureWeld(TM) 20 PlungeBonder(TM). Its rugged welding press bonds synthetic textiles of varying thicknesses and multiple layers in just one pulse.

A Leader in Ultrasonic Welding Technology
Sonobond is a worldwide leader in the application of ultrasonic welding and bonding technology. In 1960, Sonobond, then known as Aeroprojects, received the first patent ever awarded for ultrasonic metal welding. During the intervening 47 years, Sonobond has earned an outstanding reputation for its pioneering work and quality-engineered products. Today, Sonobond manufactures a complete line of ultrasonic welding and bonding equipment for a
wide variety of customers in the automotive, appliance, electrical, HVAC, aerospace, filtration, medical, and apparel industries.

Additional Information
More information on Sonobond's ultrasonic welding technology, plus specific information on Sonobond welding equipment, is available by going to its website, SonobondUltrasonic.com, or by calling 800-323-1269.

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