UltraFlex Brazed Stainless Steel Tubing to Fittings in 30 Seconds using Induction Heater

Feb 21st, 2019] A series of test applications performed by UltraFlex Power Technologies showed the time- and energy-efficiency of induction brazing for producing high quality joints. In the tests, stainless steel tubing had to be brazed to three different types of fittings - 1.75″(44.45mm) Hexagon fitting, 1.58″(40.13mm) short circle fitting and 1.58″(40.13mm) long circle fitting.

The target temperature required to achieve a strong and durable joint was 1300°F (704°C). To reach and maintain this brazing temperature, given the type of brazing assembly, an UltraFlex proprietary 5-15 kW Induction Heating solution from the UltraHeat W Series had been used. The UltraHeat W series are advanced, cost-effective 5-15 kW Induction Heating systems utilizing the latest switching power supply technology and featuring adaptive digital phase control providing very efficient operation in a wide frequency range. For each of the test cases, different power ranging between 5 kW and 10.52 kW had been supplied.

Using power on demand and rapid, consistent heat cycles, it took between as little as 20 to 30 seconds to achieve reliable, strong joints for each of the assemblies. In addition to being time-efficient, the induction brazing was also energy-efficient since it pinpointed the heat to the desired area of the part. Thanks to the strict control on the target temperature applied, the brazing process was precise, with minimum chance for defects due to overheating. Finally, compared to the traditional flame-based brazing process, the induction brazing is a technology with no pollution, 100% noxious emissions-free and safe for the operator.


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