Ultra Wide Bar LCD Monitor delivers dynamic content.

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Supplied with all necessary cables, 28 in. SD-281 Ultra Wide Stretched Bar LCD Monitor is suitable for docking platforms of rapid transit or airport terminals to display advertisements or general information. Monitor supports MP-1080N HD digital signage player with zoning capabilities, enabling images and videos to be configured to fit into screen. Ultra wide stretch display can be integrated into almost any application and is also suitable for restaurants and bars.

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Caltron Introduces the SD-281, 28 Inch Ultra Wide Stretch Bar LCD Monitor

With digital signage taking a turn for the better, there are always constant new ideas and technology introduced into the digital signage world.  Caltron releases the SD-281, 28 Inch Ultra Wide Stretched Bar LCD Monitor. This monitor comes complete with the necessary cables to get the monitor working and connected.   Perfect for docking platforms of rapid transit or airport terminals to display advertisements or general information.  Ultra wide stretch displays can also be used in restaurant environments, eateries, bars or any type of food location where many visitors come to.  Bar LCD monitors can be vital when trying to provide dynamic content display to visitors since the displays are so unique, many visitors are more inclined to come back.  Stretch displays can also be integrated into almost any application, just like Caltron’s signature Open Frame Monitors. 

With advertising techniques always changing and evolving, content creators and business establishments are always trying to figure out how to stand out from the rest.  Without having to use multiple monitors to simulate a single ultra wide stretch LCD monitor, it would be more economically smart to get 1 stretched LCD monitor that can do the job of multiple monitors combined, especially for applications that are space conscious.

The SD-281 stretch monitor is a perfect fit with Caltron’s soon to be released MP-1080N, high definition digital signage player, since there are zoning capabilities on the player.  With zoning capabilities, images and videos can be configured to fit perfectly into the screen of the SD-281.  With Caltron’s MP-1080N combined with the SD-281, delivering content will be more powerful than regular displays. 

Just like all of Caltron’s other products, the SD-281 is robust and capable of being displayed 24/7. With side handles on both sides and VESA mounting available on the back of the unit, designing a display or simply mounting the unit on the wall for display will be perfect for any location.

For more information, please contact a Caltron sales representative at sales@caltronind.com or by calling 510-440-1800.

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