Ultra Short-Throw Projector has 5 in. working distance.

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Model PJ WX4130/PJ WX4130N uses concave mirror to spread image reflection, allowing for small optical system to produce wide viewing angle. Placed 5 in. from wall, unit displays 48 in. diagonal HD image, and backing projector up to 9.6 in. delivers 80 in. picture. HDMI input provides video from DVD players and Blu-ray players, while other connection options include DVI input, USB thumb drive or digital camera. Compact projector weighs 6.6 lbs and produces 2,500-lumen-minimum light.

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Ricoh Reveals Breakthrough in Ultra-short-throw Projection

WEST CALDWELL, N.J. -- Ricoh Americas Corporation today unveiled the first upright ultra-short-throw projector, capable of displaying a 48-inch-diagonal high-definition image when placed less than five inches from a wall or screen, an industry-best combination. This sleek new technology, weighing only 6.6 pounds, enables businesspeople to comfortably execute powerful on-the-fly presentations in the smallest spaces.

Achieved using Ricoh's original Free-Form Mirror and Deflection Technology, the PJ WX4130/PJ WX4130N uses a concave mirror to spread the image reflection, which allows for a wide viewing angle while keeping the optical system small. This also reduces the need for a very bright light source. The result is a more compact, portable projector that uses fewer resources and produces less noise and heat to give users more comfort during meetings and presentations.

Unlike ceiling-mounted short-throw projectors, which are fixed in place, the portable PJ WX4130/PJ WX4130N can be placed on a tabletop or stand and project upwards. Its vertical orientation means the projector depth and wall gap together occupy less than one foot of space along the wall, preserving table space that traditional projectors would fill. Backing the projector up to 9.6 inches from a wall delivers a brilliant 80-inch high-definition WXGA 1280-x-800 picture.

The PJ WX4130/PJ WX4130N is ideal for conference rooms, offices, small-to-midsize meeting spaces and classrooms. Because it can be positioned so close to the wall and throw such a large image, the compact projector is uniquely suitable for a wide range of applications beyond the traditional meeting room and presentation space, including digital signage at trade shows, stores, restaurants and hotels. The same advantages make the PJ WX4130/PJ WX4130N ideal for videoconferencing and other computer display applications.

Ultra-short-throw projectors are among the fastest growing segments of the projector categories. The U.S. market grew 113 percent in unit sales from 2010 to 2011, according to the Futuresource Consulting analyst firm.[1]

The Ricoh PJ WX4130/PJ WX4130N offers several advantages beyond its portability and efficient use of space. Because of its proximity to the wall, the presenter never stands between the projector and the presentation, and the powerful 2,500-lumen-minimum light never shines in anyone's eyes. Minimal heat and noise are confined to the wall area, not the center of the meeting space, eliminating what can be an uncomfortable setting for attendees. Startup is also quick, producing a screen image in about three seconds, and the unit can be quickly shut down and placed into Stand-by mode where it uses minimal energy (0.17W for PJ WX4130).

Multiple units can be used to create extremely large, wide images when combined with edge-blending software such as Scalable Display Technologies. The PJ WX4130/PJ WX4130N can also transform virtually any existing flat surface into an interactive whiteboard when combined with Luidia's eBeam Edge.

An HDMI input provides highest-quality video from DVD players and Blu-ray players. The networked version, the PJ WX4130N, can connect wirelessly. Other connection options include DVI input, USB thumb drive or digital camera.

iPads can be connected wirelessly to the projector via the Ricoh Presenter app. The app allows a presentation on an iPad to be wirelessly shared with up to 10 other iPads on the same network, creating a powerful presentation environment that connects the projector with personal smart technology.

"Ricoh's mission is to provide a more efficient and productive work environment," said Shun Sato, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation. "These new projectors, in combination with other Ricoh advanced office equipment and service offerings, will bring new efficiency to the workplace. They reflect the depth of innovation that spans all of the technologies and processes in our Managed Document Services portfolio, which helps our customers reduce costs, eliminate waste and streamline workflows."

Available now, the PJ WX4130/PJ WX4130N is the latest in Ricoh's new line of projectors, the first wave of which was announced in October 2011. The Ricoh PJ WX4130 has a street price of $1,650, while the PJ WX4130N has a street price of $1,900.

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[1] Futursource Consulting: Quarterly Market Tracking Report, Q4 2011

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