Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers provide security for samples.

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Designed for laboratory environments, UF V freezers with ULTRA.GUARD™ technology provide secure, long-term sample storage at temperatures to -86°C. DATA.SECURE™ data logger, included, provides USB connection and supports FDA guideline 21 CFR part 11 compliance, while temperature sensor provides redundant temperature monitoring. Multiple outputs are available and integrate into existing alarm systems. Inner chambers are of stainless steel and feature 4 compartments and 3 shelves.

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BINDER Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Offer Ultimate Sample Security

ULTRA.GUARD technology provides safe, monitored storage, push-button door access

BOHEMIA, N.Y. – BINDER UF V ultra-low temperature freezers with ULTRA.GUARD™ technology are designed specifically for demanding laboratory environments. The freezers combine operational safety, ease of use, monitored access and low noise levels to produce the most secure long-term sample storage at temperatures to -86°C. A range of features deliver performance, safety and environmental benefits.

DATA.SECURE™ data logger, a highly flexible recording system, offers a modern replacement for the traditional chart recorder. A USB connection enables easy data transmission, requires no extra software and supports FDA guideline 21 CFR part 11 compliance. An integrated temperature sensor provides redundant tem-perature monitoring independent of the freezer controller.

Multiple outputs are available and seamlessly integrate into existing alarm systems. Optional features such as a back-up emergency CO2 refrigeration system and alarm notification via text message add an additional level of security. GUARD.CONTROL™ optional RFID monitoring system offers a further layer of security by controlling access to the freezer contents, unlocking the door only for authorized personnel and automatically logging all freezer traffic.

Vacuum insulation panels create a reliable, energy-efficient environment for sample storage. The panels insulate a large surface area on all six sides of the freezer. The resulting streamlined form maximizes internal storage space while minimizing the freezer’s footprint.

BINDER freezers accommodate as many as 52,800 samples. Model UF V 500 has a 460-liter/16.2 cu.ft. interior volume, and model UF V 700 a 685-liter/24.2 cu.ft. interior volume. Inner chambers are made of high-quality stainless steel, each with four compartments and three shelves. A two-stage cascade refrigeration system with hermetically sealed compressors uses non-flammable CFC-free refrigerant. The UF V 500 requires only 12.8 kWh per day for operation.

ULTRA.GUARD UF V freezers set a new standard with a sound pressure level of just 50 dB(A), making  them comfortable to operate within the laboratory. Lockable, heavy-duty casters permit the units to be easily moved by one person. Front access air filters are easy to clean. A heated duplex door gasket prevents icing. For greatly reduced heat emissions and even quieter operation, a water-cooled option is available.

Recycled heated water can even be fed back to the facility, increasing the environmental benefits while reducing operating costs.


BINDER is the world’s largest specialty manufacturer of simulation chambers for scientific and industrial applications. Its range of products and services find use in routine applications, highly specific studies in research and development, and in production and quality assurance. With 340 employees worldwide, BINDER GmbH had annual sales of approximately $75 million in 2010.

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