Ultra-DNE Nets $18.4M Order from US Marine Corps

AN/MRC-142C Product Improvement Program Expands Communications Capabilities

Wallingford, CT - Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies, a manufacturer of tactical voice and data communication systems, announces that the United States Marine Corps (USMC) has placed an $18.4M order with the company as part of the USMC's AN/MRC-142 Product Improvement Program (PIP). Ultra-DNE will provide high-speed tactical access concentrators and protocol converters to the program, with scheduled
deliveries through 2008.

The AN/MRC-142 system is a medium range, Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) line-of-sight radio system used by the Marines to communicate between deployed troops and Command and Control centers. The AN/MRC-142 PIP replaces obsolete tactical communications equipment, enabling the Marines to access a wider variety of data - such as video and imaging - at faster speeds than the current AN/MRC-142 systems. The program will improve communications between deployed units at speeds up to 8 times faster than the currently fielded systems, improving throughput from 2Mbps to 16Mbps. The new system will now interface with other communications systems, such as the TRC-170 and Transition Switch Module (TSM), which will operate at speeds up to 16Mpbs.

Ultra-DNE is providing their TAC-300 multi-service access concentration units to replace a low-speed time-division multiplexer used in the current program. In addition to increasing communications capabilities, the TAC-300 represents a significant size and weight reduction, boosting mobility. DNE is also providing their CV-MCU and CV-HTU-16M protocol converter products, to convert NRZ, CDI, and Fiber signaling, which
enables long cable runs between the satellite terminal and the communications van. A custom tactical panel from DNE will facilitate wiring and cabling for these mobile units.

Ultra-DNE President and CEO, Bill Gill, stated, "Getting high-speed access to the battalion level has proved a sticking point in the transition toward NetCentric Warfare. We're proud to be able to provide increased capability to the MRC-142 system and the US Marines while supporting the DoD's efforts toward this end." He added orders for training and spares were anticipated as the program readies for deployment.

The new systems will be designated AN/MRC-142C. Ultra-DNE previously provided upgrades to the AN/MRC-142A/B programs in 2002. The company holds IDIQ contracts with both the US Army (CECOM) and the US Navy (SPAWAR) to provide communications equipment throughout all four branches of the US DoD. Ultra-DNE's sister company, Ultra-TCS, is also providing High-Speed Line of Sight radio systems to the AN/MRC-142C improvement program.

About Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies
For over fifty years, Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies has provided communications devices to the US Department of Defense, Homeland Security and other government agencies. Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies manufactures modern networking equipment that economizes bandwidth and extends the drive distances of tactical communications devices. This equipment is used throughout the US Department of Defense (DoD) and other government agencies to support the transition to IP networking, particularly in areas where bandwidth-intense network traffic is restricted by a single satellite or radio signal. DNE manufactures the AN/FCC-100, the TAC Multiservice Access Concentrator series, and a series of NRZ/CDI/FOM converters, including the VersaMux protocol converter/multiplexer. For more information, contact Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies at 1-800-370-4485 or visit them on the web at www.ultra-dne.com.

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