ULT Slotless Direct Drive Frameless Motors!

Applimotion's ULT Series slotless direct drive frameless motors have proliferated applications from up in space to down on the ocean floor. New sizes are released weekly. The latest slotless versions are optimized for smooth low speed motion or high precision scanning applications. These motors remain true to the ULT ultra-thin origins with very low profile construction and large through hole. Zero Cogging is the best solution for smoothness. Recent customer requests have forced a mind-shift in design driving large diameter low profile slotless motors. These motor operate from traditional three phase brushless DC or AC sinusoidal servo drives. Windings are available for operation from 12-300 volts DC. Direct drive low profile motors frameless motors enable customers to reduce overall system height. This new product positions ULT motors to meet customer requirements for low speed scanners and traditional direct drive rotary systems.

Applimotion now offers traditional ULT direct drive motors, high speed direct drive motors and slotless direct drive motors. Applimotion, Inc. is located in Loomis, CA. The company's goal is to make unique brushless motors affordable. With expertise in motor design and motion engineering, Applimotion engineers create application specific motors for OEM customers. Whether it's a low volume performance driven application produced in CA, or a high volume value driven off shore manufactured motor, Applimotion has a solution.

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