UL 508A Compliant Heaters Being Offered from DBK USA

Safety is a critical feature for electrical components, and in the past, there were no written guidelines from the NEC to the electrical inspector that ensured electrical safety for control panels. The NEC came up with a new installation code, Article 409, which became effective January 1, 2005. In this new article, it requires that industrial control panels must be marked with a short circuit current rating (SCCR).

The UL 508A standard for safety covers the general industrial use of industrial control panels. Testing of a component or combination of components per UL 508A is an approved method referenced in the Article to determine the SCCR of an industrial control panel.

DBK is committed to ensuring the safety and reliability of our products to our customers, and our Blizzard, PTC convection heaters and Cirrus, PTC fan heaters are UL 508A compliant. Safety and innovative solutions has always been at our forefront. Our commitment is to help provide safety of the installations of control panels.

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