UHF Gen2 Transponder is suited for magnetic tape cartridges.

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Using UCODE G2X ICs that feature 512-bit user memory and ensure operation across long read ranges, RFID-enabled UHF Gen2 transponder meets demand from tape manufacturers and data storage companies for efficient identification and tracking of storage media. Converted into label, unit can be interfaced with data security, data tracking, and tape management systems. Inlay is designed for 10 yr lifetime once converted into media barcode label.

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KSW Microtec Launches New RFID UHF Gen2 Transponder for Magnetic Tape Cartridges

Dresden, Germany, April 28, 2008 - KSW Microtec AG, one of the world's leading suppliers of RFID components, announces that it has developed an RFID-enabled UHF Gen2 transponder for magnetic tape cartridges using the UCODE G2X ICs from NXP Semiconductors. Converted into a label, it can easily be interfaced with data security, data tracking and tape management systems.

"In our data oriented business environment, reliable tape management is becoming indispensable," says Niels Bauer, Business Segment Manager at KSW Microtec. "In fact, track and trace of data can be essential for the success of a company."

KSW Microtec designed the Gen2 RFID transponder to meet the increasing demand from tape manufacturers and data storage companies for efficient and reliable identification and tracking of storage media such as magnetic tape cartridges. The 512-bit user memory of the NXP UCODE G2XM IC allows users to store more information on the IC than on any other Gen2 chip available on the market and ensures reliable operation across very long read ranges. The inlay is designed for a 10-year lifetime once converted into a media barcode label.

The new Gen2 media transponder is the latest addition to KSW Microtec's extensive range of HF and UHF RFID component portfolios.

About KSW

KSW Microtec AG, with its headquarters in Germany, is the world's leading supplier of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) components for special and standard applications such as public transport, asset management and high security applications. KSW combines successful high-end wafer technology, extremely efficient assembly technology and far-reaching expertise in design. KSW has earned itself a leading position on the market as one of the most efficient, and simultaneously most flexible, producers of RFID components. The globally active company was founded in 1994, has clean room production facilities in Germany and is now employing 60 staff. For more information see: www.ksw-microtec.de

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Sabine Kuechler
KSW Microtec AG
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Tel: +49 351 889 60 28
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