UB2080 & UB5080 Acrylic Transfer Adhesives Offer High Initial Adhesion on a Range of Substrates


Market: Industrial

Scapa North America offers two unsupported acrylic transfer adhesives that offer high initial and long-term adhesion to a variety of substrates including low surface energy plastics.

Unifilm UB2080 and UB5080 are suited for attaching nameplates and faceplates, assembling foam gasket and sound attenuation materials, and applying decorative parts. The clear acrylic adhesive offers excellent resistance to UV light and humidity, and performs well over a wide range of temperatures. Both products are supplied on an 80# kraft release liner, but a variety of alternative liners are available to meet end user requirements. Unifilm UB2080 features a 2.0 mil thickness of acrylic adhesive, while the adhesive on Unifilm UB5080 is 5.0 mils thick. Both adhesive films laminate well to a range of substrates including untreated polyolefins.

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