UAF's Quadrafoam Filters Help Industrial Control Applications Meet Safety Standards

SAUGET, Ill. - Quadrafoam air filters from Universal Air Filter® help power-gen, HVAC and general industrial applications meet the strict UL 508A safety requirements intended for industrial controls 600V or less, in preventing arc flash and shock hazards within the prohibited approach boundary. UAF's UL 94 HF-1 rated, non-conductive Quadrafoam filters provide a protective barrier between the internal controls and the panel exterior.

"Industrial control panel components can arc flash during operation, causing a potentially dangerous situation such as shock or electrocution if it extends beyond the panel vent opening," said Mike Miano, engineering and sales manager, UAF. "Our Quadrafoam filter is ideal for power-gen markets that would use the filters for low- and mid-voltage panels, while the filters would be beneficial in HVAC markets for variable frequency drives for controlling fan speeds and other equipment used in energy management systems."

The UL 508A requirement specifies a minimum distance between arcing components and the ventilated panel exterior, which depends upon the short circuit current rating and appropriate classification. In order to save space, a panel may be produced to a smaller dimension. Although a thinner, shallower panel may encroach on the specified safe distance, it helps if the ventilation openings are covered internally by a protective barrier. UAF's non-conductive Quadrafoam filters can be installed along the interior face of the ventilation openings in the panel to serve as the protective barrier.

A design engineer looking to evaluate a Quadrafoam filter or any other UAF product can access UAF's complimentary, round-the-clock prototype service available worldwide via The prototype service provides design engineers with assistance in meeting critical design, testing and evaluation deadlines for air filter media. To receive a prototype, the engineer can submit a request on the Internet or via telephone, fax or e-mail. Once the prototype is submitted, it is produced and shipped within five working days.

Universal Air Filter products are RoHS Compliant and meet the following standards and classifications: UL 94 HF-1, ATCA, UL 900 Class 2, CE, Telcordia, NEBS GR-78-CORE and GR-63-CORE, micro TCA and ETSI.

For more information, contact: Universal Air Filter Co. 1624 Sauget Industrial Parkway, Sauget, IL 62206 Phone: 800-541-3478 Fax: 618-271-8808.

Company Name: Universal Air Filter
Address 1: 1624 Sauget Industrial Parkway P.O. Box 5006
City: Sauget
State: IL
Zip: 62206
Phone: 800-541-3478

Contact Name: Mike Miano

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