U.S. Patent Office Issues DSS Two New Patents

Authenticating Document Scans and New Counterfeit Prevention/Forensic Technology

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - DSS (Document Security Systems Inc.) (NYSE/AMEX: DSS) proudly announced that the U.S. Patent Office recently awarded the company two new patents.

The first new U.S. patent called "AuthentiGuard® VeriGlow®" is being marketed to governments, pharmaceutical companies and corporations. This is a technology that is used for the authentication of important documents such as passports, pharmaceutical packaging, labels, vital records and currency.

DSS's Chief Technology Officer, Michael Caton stated, "This is a very powerful forensic technology. It is quite possibly the most counterfeit proof technology ever developed. It is virtually impossible for a counterfeiter to find this technology on a document, let alone clone its contents and imagery."

The second new U.S. patent, "AuthentiGuard® Survivor 21(TM)," is a technology that is utilized to indicate authenticity on digital images of checks, vital records, car titles, medical records, or other paper documents after being scanned.

Under the Federal "Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act," banks are no longer required to return cancelled checks to customers. High-speed scanners are used by banks, as well as corporations to create electronic images of checks and paper documents for digital storage. In addition, businesses are now digital imaging checks using desktop scanners.

According to Mr. Caton, "This technology is a major breakthrough. Banks, consumers and corporations are now scanning checks and documents using commercial grade high speed scanners and desktop scanners. This new digital processing created a need to verify the authenticity of the scanned check or document. DSS was the first in the world to create a 'survivable' hidden check image that is embedded on the paper check or document during the traditional printing process. When a consumer or business scans a paper check or document that contains our technology, a hidden image reveals itself on the digital version of the check (shown on monitors) to prove authenticity."

DSS has one of the most extensive, effective optical deterrent and authentication patent portfolios in the world. No other company has developed effective anti-scanning technologies to prevent counterfeiting and brand fraud, which are crimes that continue to grow uncontrollably around the globe.

In 2010, DSS's valuable, patent portfolio was ranked in the 90th percentile of 1,600 small cap companies with U.S. Patents according to a MDB Capital Group analysis. This analytic is based on PatentVest, which was developed by MDB's proprietary intellectual property intelligence program.

About DSS (Document Security Systems, Inc.)

DSS is comprised of four operating groups, DSS Plastics Group, DSS Printing Group, DSS Packaging Group and DSS Digital Group. Through its four divisions, DSS provides counterfeit prevention and comprehensive brand and digital information protection solutions to corporations, governments, and financial institutions around the world. DSS develops and manufactures products and services containing patented and patent pending optical deterrent technologies that help prevent counterfeiting and brand fraud from the use of the most advanced scanners, copiers and imaging systems in the market. The Company owns numerous patented and patent-pending technologies and products. DSS uses its covert and overt technologies to protect a wide range of documents including, but not limited to, consumer packaging, vital records, ID Cards/RFID, smart cards, passports, gift certificates, checks and coupons. The Company also protects digital information via secure cloud computing and disaster recovery services. Furthermore, DSS uses its extensive knowledgebase to provide comprehensive brand protection solutions to its customers. From risk analysis and vulnerability assessment, to systems integration and monitoring, DSS offers the advanced tools and knowledgebase needed to protect the world's most valuable and at-risk brands. DSS's customized solutions are designed to protect against product diversion, counterfeit, and other costly and damaging occurrences. For more information on DSS and its subsidiaries, please visit DSSsecure.com.

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