U.S. Farm Bills Ease Most-Not All-Economic Concerns

Farmers also seek lower production costs

Downers Grove, IL-April 5, 2008-While recent passage of farm bills by the U.S. House and Senate ensure the current price safety net for farmers, members of the U.S. agricultural industry continue to face economic constraints brought about by ever-increasing competition, both at home and abroad, and escalating production costs.

California farmers were reminded of this when market conditions forced a switch to high-vibrating diesel instead of electric engines to run irrigation pumps. Farmers quickly discovered how constant vibration can damage connected equipment. While couplings dampen vibrations, the only style available that fit irrigation pumps, was designed for marine applications and priced out of most growers' reach.

Then Lovejoy introduced its LV-Torsional coupling as an economical solution for the agricultural market. Currently, two different styles are available; the LV-Torsional coupling for U-joint drive systems and LV-C for direct-drive systems. This coupling attaches to diesel engines driving deep well and centrifugal pumps. A valuable application for this coupling is in almond groves, where growers use pumps to flood the ground. Grape orchards and other fruit and vegetable growers use similar irrigation methods and therefore many diesel-driven pumps.

The Lovejoy Torsional coupling type-LV line horsepower ranges from 150 to 625 at 1800 RPM, with five available sizes. The LV-C type coupling horsepower ranges from 50 to 425 at 1800 RPM and is available in six sizes. These couplings take advantage of the strength, durability and economical manufacturing qualities of sintered technology - producing real savings to growers.

By enabling automatic torsional tuning in smaller diesel engine systems, the couplings provide relief from vibration and extend the life of the machinery connected to the engine and pump. This part is both less expensive and more reliable than alternatives. Considering the highly competitive nature and tight budget constraints of the agricultural industry, an economical part with a long lifespan is key. The LV-type torsional coupling also works for off-highway construction equipment, where the most common application is onsite portable compressors that power jackhammers and other equipment.

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