U Nozzles suit near dry sawing applications.

Press Release Summary:

Attached to 2-pump Accu-Lube® applicator system, Accu-Lube® U Nozzles split lubricant into 3 ports, applying smooth coat directly to cutting edge. Units mix lubricant and air right at nozzle, not back at applicator, so there is no lag time and no dry cutting. Nozzles can help optimize tool life and minimize fluid consumption.

Original Press Release:

Accu-Lube U Nozzles for Efficient Near Dry Sawing

Glenview, IL - December 20, 2006 - Accu-Lube®, the pioneer in Near-Dry Machining solution introduces a new nozzle design for Near Dry Sawing Application. The U Nozzles allow the lubricant to be applied from behind the blade on the three sides of the blade.

The new Accu-Lube® U Nozzles attach to a two pump Accu-Lube® applicator system to split the lubricant and applies a smooth coat directly to the cutting edge. These nozzles have been designed to increase tool life, reduce fluid consumption and maximize sawing productivity. Accu-Lube® Nozzles mixes lubricant and air right at the nozzle, not back at the applicator, so there is no lag time and no dry cutting. The flow of lubricant is directed out three ports. Accu-Lube® U Nozzles should be used with Accu-Lube®'s positive displacement pump applicators.

Accu-Lube U Nozzles are available in two sizes: Part # 9877: U Nozzle with throat size of 2.1/8" and Part# 9857: U Nozzle for smaller throat size.

A division of ITW, Illinois Tool Works, ITW Rocol North America is a leading supplier of high-performance coolants and environmentally safe lubricants. Accu-Lube® brand products include environmentally safe MQL lubricants and micro-lubrication equipment for the metalworking industry.

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