TZ Receives First Purchase Order for New Breakthrough Technology

Troy, Michigan USA - July 1, 2008 - It was announced today that a purchase order was signed between Interxion, the leading European provider of carrier-neutral data centers, and Telezygology Inc. for the initial deployment of an Intevia Enterprise(TM) data center equipment cabinet security management solution, in its Madrid facility.

Intevia Enterprise(TM) is an integrated, network-enabled security control and environmental monitoring system, optimized for applications such as data centers, server rooms and other environments that require high levels of access control, security monitoring and event logging.

Representatives from Interxion were introduced to TZ's new platform technology at a recent industry trade show for data center professionals and experts. As the pan-European leader in co-location and associated managed services, Interxion executives recognized the solutions Intevia Enterprise(TM) would be able to deliver in the services they provide to more than 1,000 companies to securely house, connect, monitor and maintain mission-critical IT equipment in data centers such as server racks, equipment cabinets, floor and ceiling tiles, access panels and entry doors.

"The Intevia Enterprise(TM) product family represents a new opportunity for Interxion to
compliment our existing world class security package with value-added services for our
customers," said Robert Assink, Director General of Interxion Madrid. "The ability to remotely monitor and control access to discrete components and access points within a busy, shared, data center environment will improve our efficiency and give our customers confidence that their assets are protected from all types of physical hazards."

TZ Group CEO, David Feber said, "Our partnership with Interxion Madrid is a sensational opportunity for TZ and reflects on the tremendous versatility of our Intelligent Fastening Technology. Intevia Enterprise(TM) brings the full power of network-enabled intelligent fastening into reality to address real world business challenges that data center operators like Interxion face every day."

TZ is a recent entrant to the data center industry with the introduction of the Intevia Enterprise(TM) system and the purchase order from Interxion is the first for this new application."This milestone further validates our technology in yet another industry," said Mr. Feber. "We have successfully managed to quickly develop and commercialize the Intevia Enterprise(TM) suite of products to address a rapidly growing industry with significant near-term revenue opportunities for the Company. Securing data centers and the information assets and valuable business data that they manage is critically important, and Intevia Enterprise(TM) is a reliable, multi-functional system that can easily be integrated into existing infrastructure."

The server market in 2007 grew about 7.5% to approx. 8.8 million units (Gartner in Digitimes). Typically, a server has a four-year life. One estimate of the number of existing servers already in the market is 36 million units - a potential retrofit market for Intevia® fasteners of up to 72 million units for potential server applications, with cabinet doors potentially representing up to an additional 12 million fasteners (Dutton Associates).

Other relevant market data to consider (2007) is the estimated 515 million hard disk drives shipped (iSupply in DigiTimes), and an external disk storage system market of $4.4 billion (IBM in DigiTimes). TZ Group is an Oakland County Emerging Sectors® company.

For more information about Intevia Enterprise(TM), visit on the World Wide Web.

About Interxion

Interxion is a leading European provider of carrier-neutral data centers. Headquartered in Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands, Interxion serves its customers from its 22 carrier-neutral data centers located in 13 cities across 11 European countries. Interxion serves network and carrier-based, hosting and enterprise customers who require professionally managed and strictly controlled physical environments within which to operate mission-critical applications and computer systems. Interxion's carrier-neutral data centers offer cost effective and fast access to multiple local and global communication networks.

About TZ Limited

TZ Limited (ASX: TZL) is a publicly listed intellectual property and technology development company with design and engineering operations throughout the US and Europe. The company is a leader in the integration of intelligence and software control into everyday objects to enable new levels of functionality. Supported by a full product development capability, TZ Limited brings innovation to market through the creation of winning new products and solutions. Through innovation partnerships with industry leaders, TZ Limited creates opportunities for new product participation and business growth via proven capabilities in developing, licensing and commercializing proprietary technologies.

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