Tyco CPVC Pipe and Fittings Now Ul-Listed for Exposed Composite Wood Joist Systems Installed in Basements

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Tyco manufactured BlazeMaster® CPVC pipe for easy access by installers, other trades

LANSDALE, Pa. - Tyco Fire Protection Products, a global leader in fire suppression technologies, is providing additional savings, efficiency, and assurance to contractors and homeowners with a new listing from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for the installation of TYCO CPVC pipe and fittings in unfinished basements. In addition to the new UL-Listing, TYCO CPVC pipe products have new labeling regarding CPVC material compatibility, and TYCO CPVC pipe and fittings feature a pigment upgrade to the BlazeMaster CPVC compound from The Lubrizol Corporation. These designations and improvements are intended to reduce labor and materials costs for contractors, and provide homeowners and end-users with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have a durable and complete BlazeMaster CPVC piping system.

TYCO CPVC pipe and fittings are now UL-Listed to be installed in exposed unfinished basements using composite wood joist systems (such as TJI® joists) in accordance with NFPA 13D. In many cases, by utilizing a TYCO CPVC system for unfinished basements, contractors can reduce the labor and material costs typically incurred when covering exposed CPVC systems with drywall or when utilizing metal piping.

"TYCO CPVC pipe and fittings, made with BlazeMaster CPVC technology, are synonymous with quality and industry-leading dependability," said Don Ricca, Residential Product Manager, Tyco Fire Protection Products. "Our UL-Listed CPVC pipe and fittings are yet another example of how TYCO is working to deliver contractors and end-users the industry's most advanced products and services."

Certain building specifications must be met for a TYCO CPVC system to be installed in an exposed unfinished basement, such as joist depth and ceiling height. Details on these requirements, as well as requirements for temperature rating, minimum K-factor and sprinkler spacing, can be found in manufacturer installation instructions at www.tyco-rapidresponse.com.

In addition to TYCO CPVC pipe and fittings now being UL Listed for unfinished basements, TYCO has incorporated two improvements that benefit both contractors and homeowners.

Beginning in May 2012, TYCO CPVC pipe and fittings will be manufactured using an improved pigment compound from The Lubrizol Corporation. This enhancement will help ensure that the signature orange color is consistent over time and matching for both pipe and fittings.

Additionally, all TYCO CPVC Pipe will be labeled with the FBC(TM) System Compatible Program website, www.fbcsystemcompatible.com, where a complete list of chemicals and materials compatible with BlazeMaster CPVC can be found. The FBC System Compatible Program from Lubrizol is unique in the residential fire sprinkler industry, and is designed to increase user confidence and eliminate the guesswork regarding a product's chemical compatibility with BlazeMaster CPVC products. Other manufacturers and/or brands of CPVC fire sprinkler piping products are not eligible and do not comply with this program unless produced with BlazeMaster CPVC.

To learn more about TYCO CPVC Pipe and Fittings, visit www.tyco-rapidresponse.com today.


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