Two-Pole Pushbutton SMD Terminal Block carries 600 V/9 A rating.

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With integrated spacer, 2060 Series 2-pole pushbutton SMD terminal block simplifies design and expedites manufacturing for developers of high-output LED devices. Pushbuttons eliminate PCB lead hand-soldering, and product accommodates solid/stranded conductors (AWG 24-18) - even tinned, top-coated, or pre-bonded ones - within one unit. Solid conductors are pushed-in, and removal is actuated via pushbutton. Flexible or stranded conductors utilize pushbuttons for termination/removal.

Original Press Release:

WAGO Higher-Voltage 2060 Series with Spacer

GERMANTOWN, WI – Pacing the burgeoning LED market, WAGO Corporation's 2060 Series push-button SMD-Terminal Block gains a 600V/9A 2-pole unit. To date, developers of high-output LED devices have accommodated design variations by installing two, 600V 2060 Series 1-pole units with the requisite spacing between them on the PCBs. WAGO's high-voltage 2-pole unit simplifies design and expedites manufacturing — specify and automatically place only one component for high-output LED devices such as roadway lights.

Borrowing the housing from its 3-pole sibling (rated 250V), the high-voltage 2-pole unit replaces the center port with a spacer. This enables it to match the industry-leading 600V rating of its 1-pole sibling. 2060 Series is UL/cUL Recognized. The units are available in tape-and-reel packaging for automated assembly.

2060 Series' labor-saving push-buttons eliminate hand-soldering of PCB leads. Accommodating solid/stranded conductors (AWG 24-18) within one unit - even tinned, top-coated or pre-bonded ones - terminations are simple. Solid conductors are pushed-in; removal is push-button actuated. Flexible or stranded conductors utilize push-buttons for termination/removal. Push-buttons also permit conductor removal for error correction, eliminating scrap and rewiring. OEMs can also meet Energy Star requirements for end-of-life components - swap-out/drop-in units via push-button. CAGE CLAMP®S Spring Pressure provides maintenance-free, thermal cycling-resistant terminations.

Lever-Actuated LED Splices:

2060 Series joins the 222 Series LEVER-NUTS(TM); lever-actuated Splices in WAGO's growing portfolio of LED interconnect solutions. Offered in 2-, 3- and 5-pole variants, LEVER-NUTS; accommodates solid and fine-stranded conductors AWG 28-12 for LED-based applications. Terminations are simple: Raise lever, insert stripped conductors and lower lever. More at:

WAGO is the leader in spring pressure connection technology that eliminates loose wires resulting from vibration and temperature cycling, while providing highly reliable, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free connections.

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