Two New Dock Lift Activators

Advance Lifts, Inc. of St Charles, Illinois announces the release of two new dock lift bridge activators. These new
methods of bridge activation are by hydraulic cylinder and by winch. Both of these new methods allow for longer steel
bridges and an alternative to costly aluminum bridges.

Hydraulic Bridge Activator

This option requires no additional electrical lines to the base frame. The control is a separate push button that can be
moved to a convenient point on the platform. The cylinder actuator is either mounted under the platform for units with
at least 8" lowered heights or on the side of the platform for lower units. Platform working space is never
compromised. Truck bed deflection is automatically compensated for in the fully deployed position with a bridge float
hydraulic circuit. Solid steel bridges up to 48" long can be used with this option.

Electric Winch Bridge Activator

This option requires 110V power at the base frame to power the winch. The winch is mounted on the outside of the
handrails to preserve maximum platform working space and is still easily accessible. Because nothing is added to the
underside of the deck, this option works well with very low units such as our 6000 series top of ground units and kits
are available for adding this option in the field. The compensator spring is a visual cue for judging full bridge
deployment and compensates for truck bed movement as loads are transferred between the lift and truck. This option
allows use of one piece steel bridges up to 48 inches long and avoids the high cost of aluminum.

For over 37 years, Advance Lifts, Inc. has been manufacturing loading dock equipment, work positioners, lift
tables, recycling equipment and packaging equipment.

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