Two-Component, Instant Adhesive fills gaps up to 5 mm wide.

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Loctite 3090 is able to bond metal, plastic, rubber, and ceramic materials as well as porous substrates such as wood, paper, and cork. Two-chamber syringe packaging enables precise and clean application, and transparent gel formulation facilitates application to vertical surfaces without dripping. Working time is rated at 90-180 sec after application, and integrated static mixer ensures curing is triggered within defined timeframe.

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Gap-Filling Bonding Within Seconds

Mind the Gap! Anyone who has traveled on the London Underground will be familiar with this safety notice. But "minding the gap" was also something that people had to do when using instant adhesives. With Loctite 3090, Henkel has now developed the first gap-filling instant adhesive, thus considerably expanding the range of uses.

Instant adhesives can help to get quick results in many industrial manufacturing applications. They can be used to bond almost any kind of material, reliably and within seconds. Moreover, for maintenance and repair jobs, they often provide an economical alternative to expensive repairs or replacement parts. However, since conventional cyanoacrylate-based products generally have low viscosity and no gap-filling properties, they can only be used to bond close-fitting parts. This was a drawback that severely restricted the range of uses of these popular adhesives.

With Loctite 3090 from Henkel, a new two-component instant adhesive is now available that not only offers the same high bond strength and fast cure, but can also fill gaps. Henkel has thus vastly broadened the application range of instant adhesives, offering an unmatched capability to fill gaps up to 5 mm wide. Loctite 3090 is suitable for almost all materials, including metals, most plastics, rubber and ceramics. Even porous substrates such as wood, paper and cork can be reliably bonded with it.

Users also benefit from the significantly improved handling: The transparent "instant adhesive" is a high-viscosity gel, which allows easier application to vertical surfaces - without dripping. Another new feature is the convenient 2-chamber syringe packaging enabling precise and clean application. Unlike one-component systems, Loctite 3090 does not depend on the moisture in the air to cure, but has an additional activator. The two components are dispensed into an integrated static mixer, which ensures that curing is triggered within the defined timeframe, regardless of moisture or temperature, and that the components are always mixed in the right ratio. The adhesive has a working time of 90 to 180 seconds after application. The bond is then strong enough for use or downstream processing of the joined parts.

Loctite 3090 - "Dakar proven"
The new instant adhesive from Loctite has already proved its worth many times over in practice. Also at the Dakar 2010 in South America - the toughest rally in the world. As the Official Supplier of Loctite products for quick and efficient repairs, Henkel is there every year to assist the drivers. And Loctite 3090 demonstrated that it is an ideal "traveling companion" for contestants in the rally. For plastic components that had cracked under the extreme stresses and strains of driving over rough terrain, the instant adhesive earned itself the competitors' accolade of being "Dakar proven." It is ideal for quick and easy repairs to items like broken indicator lights.

For gap-filling bonds, for example to repair indicator lights, there is now a new solution: Loctite 3090 instant adhesive.

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