Twin-Turret CNC Turning Center machines large workpieces.

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In addition to top, 12-station, 11/7.5 kW turret with optional ±70 mm Y-axis and direct drive, NZX 4000 Features beltless, gear-driven main spindle rated at 37/30 kW (30 min/constant). Spindle bore choices are 145, 185, or 285 mm dia, and boring bars up to 1 m long may be used. X-axes of both turrets have Magnescale linear encoders (optional in other axes). Max turning diameter is 660 mm; distance between centers can be 1, 2, or 3 m; and respective rapid traverses in X and Z are 20 and 24 m/min.

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New Turning Centre for Machining Large Workpieces

A new, twin-turret, CNC turning centre designated NZX 4000 has been introduced by DMG MORI for highly productive machining of long workpieces with large diameters, such as crankshafts for marine engines or oil pipeline components. The trapezoidal, deformation-resistant machine bed and wide, flat guideways in all axes are primarily responsible for the rigid structure.

The top, 12-station, 11 / 7.5 kW turret features an optional, ± 70 mm Y-axis and a direct drive, allowing the turning centre to achieve a milling performance equivalent to that of an SK 40 machining centre. The X-axes of both turrets are equipped with Magnescale linear encoders to ensure high positioning accuracy and repeatability. It is an option in the other axes.

The beltless, gear-driven main spindle is rated at 37/30 kW (30 minutes/constant). There is a choice of three spindle bore diameters - 145 mm, 185 mm or 285 mm - suitable for a wide range of machining applications. Long boring bars up to one metre in length may be used and various steady rests are available in manual or NC versions. Maximum turning diameter is 660 mm and distance between centres can be either one, two or three metres. Rapid traverses in X and Z are 20 and 24 m/min respectively.

Control is provided by the DMG MORI ERGOline with CELOS on MAPPS from Mitsubishi. Industry 4.0-compliant, CELOS provides a uniform user interface for all new machines from DMG MORI and links with customers’ ERP and production planning systems. Apps provide the user with integrated management, documentation and visualisation of order, process and machine data on a 21.5” multi-touch screen.

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