Twin-Lane Belt Conveyor Ovens preheat aluminum ingots.

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Featuring 1,000°F max continuous operating temperature, 9 ovens feature 18 x 5 x 2 ft work chamber with 2 conveyor belts. Each conveyor lane includes 24 in. wide, 304 stainless steel, 1 x 1 in. flat wire belt and is driven by separate variable-speed dc drive. Heated with direct-fired burner rated for 1,800,000 BTU/hr, ovens have NEMA 12 control panel and plug-mounted blower rated for 30,600 cfm @ 25 hp. Ductwork is arranged for bottom-up vertical airflow.

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Twin-Lane Belt Conveyor Ovens Preheat Aluminum Ingots

Wisconsin Oven Corporation designed and manufactured nine (9) ovens to preheat aluminum ingots prior to a melting operation. There are two (2) conveyor belts contained within the 5' wide x 18' long x 2' high work chamber. Each conveyor lane includes a 24" wide, 304 stainless steel, 1" x 1" flat wire belt, and is driven by a separate variable speed DC drive. The ingots are loaded onto a 2' load section and indexed through a 2' vestibule with curtains into the oven chamber. The operator at the discharge end can open the door and index one (1) position "hands-free" by using a foot pedal. This allows the operator to use both hands when removing ingots.

Each oven has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 1,000° F and is heated with a direct-fired burner rated for 1,800,000 BTU per hour. The ductwork is arranged for a bottom-up vertical airflow through the work chamber, and features a plug-mounted blower rated for 30,600 CFM @ 25 HP. The oven features furnace construction, with Wisconsin Oven Corporation's patented Expandable Surface(TM) design, which includes a 3/16" plate steel exterior, 6" of insulation, and a sheet steel interior.

The NEMA 12 control panel for each oven includes a digital-indicating temperature controller, a digital-indicating high limit instrument, motor starters, push buttons, pilot lights, conveyor controls, flame detector with flame relay, integral purge timer, burner controls, fused branch circuits, a 110 volt control transformer, and a main disconnect switch with a door interlock.

This equipment was fully factory assembled, tested at maximum operating temperature, and quality assurance checked for proper operation.

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