TVA Browns Ferry Plant Issues Purchase Order for Biach's SCT Pump Assembly

The project involves a retrofit of the plant's current RPV stud tensioner design - The Biach QD-H model - by adding the pumping system sub-assembly thereby converting the tensioner to Biach's SCT - self contained tensioner.

Browns Ferry will now gain valuable refuel floor space through the elimination of a
central pumping station, realize safer working conditions through elimination of all
the interconnecting high and low pressure hoses between tensioners and the pumping station, and will reduce dose through crew reduction and faster operation.

Browns Ferry is a three unit BWR site that currently shares a set of Biach QD-H
style stud tensioners on each units' 92 studs. The plant was been a perennial leader
as an industry "top performer" in completing RPV stud tensioning in less than 2

For additional information, contact Richard Hill, President of Biach Industries at 908-276- 3110, ext. 207 or by email:

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