TurtleBot 3 R.O.S.-Based Robot is available in two default configurations.

Press Release Summary:

The fully modular R.O.S.-based TurtleBot 3 robot is available in two default configurations. Features include a 360-degree LiDAR unit and a 9-axis inertial management unit. Other options include single board computers (SBC), sensors, wheel-based drivetrains, and a multi-jointed manipulator. Currently available as a kit.

Original Press Release:

TurtleBot 3 and Friends: A Lower Barrier of Entry for Exploring A.I. Robotics

Lake Forest, CA – November 7th – Following an official release alongside chip-maker giant Intel and Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) at ICRA 2017, ROBOTIS announced the release of TurtleBot 3 (TB3): the third generation of the world’s most popular platform based on R.O.S. (Robot Operating System) whose goal is to lower the barrier of entry for researchers, professionals and hobbyists aiming to break into development of their own A.I.-based robotics projects or conduct Research and Development for their own products.

TurtleBot 3 is a low-cost, fully-modular, R.O.S.-based robot which aims to drastically reduce the size and initial cost of the platform without sacrificing capability. Owing to the platform’s high level of modularity, a number of different Single Board Computers (SBC), sensors, drive-trains and mechanical configurations can be implemented to explore the latest technical advances in 3D-printing technology for a fully customized product.

Utilizing ROBOTIS Dynamixels for the wheel-based drivetrain and optional multi-jointed manipulator, TurtleBot 3 can achieve precisely-controlled velocity, position and torque-controlled movements to allow developers a full range of options for control of their platform while management of these Dynamixels and additional sensors is provided by the ROBOTIS OpenCR controller. With the included 360-degree LiDAR unit and access to the on-board 9-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU), the TurtleBot3 allows developers to focus on robust algorithms for object detection, navigation, and vision processing while reducing time and effort spent on physical interfaces for actuators and sensors.

As an open-source platform, users can modify the original hardware and software components and collaborate with other developers in the robotics community to expand on the existing capabilities. To aid users in their exploration of the TB3 platform, ROBOTIS has released the “TurtleBot Friends” – alternative configurations of the original design, bearing additional functionality or different drivetrains, which are available as virtual products via the TurtleBot 3 Wiki and OnShape CAD repository. 

TurtleBot 3 currently retails as a kit in two default configurations: “Burger” and “Waffle.” The TB3 Burger is equipped with a Raspberry Pi 3 single-board computer and Dynamixel XL430 wheel servos while the TB3 Waffle inherits the Intel Joule and Dynamixel XM430 wheels servos as well as the addition of Intel Realsense R200 camera for additional vision and stereo depth processing capability out-of-the-box. Both platforms utilize the same modular “waffle plate” construction system and USB-enabled LiDAR sensor.

About ROBOTIS: ROBOTIS is a leading developer of smart servos, industrial actuators, manipulators, open-source humanoid robot platforms and educational robot kits based on our DYNAMIXEL actuator technology. Our products are designed to be deployed in a wide variety of fields including Education, Hobby/DIY, Research & Development, Prototyping, and Industrial applications.

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