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Turret Trucks suit tight warehouse applications,.

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Feb 16, 2012 - Crown TSP Series offers MonoLift(TM) mast and 120 fpm lift speed to deliver flexibility for placing loads at range of heights while traveling in tight aisle with less than 6 in. of clearance. Battery-powered lift trucks can complete full traverse in 5 sec and pivot full 180° in 6 sec. While Crown TSP 7000 Series can reach total of 675 in. and deliver most loads to full height, Crown TSP 6500 can reach total of 531 in. Regenerative braking and lowering systems are standard.

Crown Equipment Corp. - New Bremen, OH

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New Crown Equipment Turret Truck Offers Faster Lift Speeds, More Capacities at Higher Elevations

Press release date: Feb 14, 2012

Crown Equipment Turret Truck Offers Breakthrough Lift and Travel Speeds to Help Warehouse Managers Improve Productivity and Performance

Crown TSP Series Turret Truck Also Delivers More Capacity at Height, Unlocks Potential for an Additional 31 Percent of Warehouse Space

NEW BREMEN, Ohio - Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world's leading forklift manufacturers, today introduced the Crown TSP 7000 and TSP 6500 Series Turret Trucks featuring the company's innovative MonoLift(TM) mast. The lift trucks establish new standards in warehouse throughput by offering faster lift speeds, more capacities, higher elevations, and greater operator control and comfort.

One of the most direct ways to gain throughput in the warehouse is to increase speeds. By providing faster lift, travel, pivot and traverse speeds, the Crown TSP Series helps operators complete more cycles within a defined time period. The turret truck features a main lift speed of 120 feet per minute, which is a 41 percent gain compared to conventional trucks. It also delivers a 25 percent advantage in travel speed, and can complete a full traverse in only five seconds and pivot a full 180 degrees in six seconds.

Users of the Crown TSP Series also will benefit from greater flexibility throughout their warehouse by being able to place most loads at any height and/or at any open slot, all while traveling in a tight aisle with less than six inches of clearance. Industry research has shown that it is less expensive to gain pallet positions by going up rather than expanding the warehouse footprint. In many applications, going from eight levels to 11 levels with the Crown TSP Series equals nearly 31 percent additional storage capacity. This translates to one-third more usable warehouse space.

The Crown TSP 7000 Series turret truck can reach a total of 675 inches, or six stories, and deliver most loads to full height, while the Crown TSP 6500 can reach a total of 531 inches. The rigid design of the MonoLift mast is rooted in a boxed-in cross section construction that significantly minimizes twisting and swaying, providing greater stability and higher heights.

"In today's ultra-competitive environment, our customers are seeking new solutions to improving productivity and maximizing their cube. The Crown TSP Series raises and travels faster, and lifts more weight at higher heights than other turret trucks currently on the market," said Matt Ranly, senior marketing product manager, Crown Equipment. "The Crown TSP Series, like the Crown RM Series narrow aisle reach truck, is changing the way managers think about the design and operation of their high-density warehouses and distribution centers."

The Crown TSP Series features regenerative braking and lowering systems that capture lost energy and return it to the battery. This regenerative technology, combined with the option to use a larger battery, position the turret truck for energy savings and run time improvements of 25 percent or more depending on the application. The truck utilizes some of the largest batteries available to provide up to 50 percent more power for truck performance and battery life. The Crown TSP 6500 utilizes 48V batteries, while the Crown TSP 7000 utilizes 80V and 72V batteries.

The Crown TSP Series exhibits an operator-centric design that has resulted in one of the industry's most accommodating operator compartments. Operators benefit from a higher level of flexibility, comfort and control. The truck's fully adjustable MoveControl(TM) Seat orients the operator to efficiently handle the load at hand. Integrated, intuitive controls built into the armrests allow pinpoint control and the ability to blend multiple functions simultaneously.

The operator compartment can be affixed with a cold storage cabin that allows operators to remain productive in environments where temperatures can reach as low as minus 40F.

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