Turning Machines do not require reference point guiding.

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Models CTX 310/410 are equipped with counter spindle expansion stage for 2-sided complete machining and Y-axis expansion stage for eccentric drilling and milling machining. Fast-indexing VDI servo turret (from 0.1 sec), also included, features 12 tool stations and optional driven tools. Both machines have 45° slanted bed that can be converted to warp-resistant, 4-lane bed with linear roller guideways. Each offers 3 CNC options, C-axis, and DMG SlimLinePanel with 15 in. TFT-screen.

Original Press Release:

CTX 310 / 410 with a Counter Spindle, Driven Tools and a Y-Axis

The CTX 310 and CTX 410 Universal Turning Machines provide high-tech components at unbeatable prices and offer new expansion stages that include a counter spindle, driven tools and a Y-axis. Challenging complete processing is now a reality with the CTX 10 Series. Additional highlights include the integrated spindle motor as well as the fast-indexing servo turret for up to a 25% reduction in downtimes with a corresponding high level of productivity and cost efficiency.

The CTX 10 Series of the Universal Turning Machines has offered its clients the highest level of cost-efficiency worldwide. An example is the application of the most advanced drive technology and the rigid mechanical construction for maximum reliability and flexibility. All machines have a 45°slanted bed that can be converted to a warp-resistant 4-lane bed with linear roller guideways that offer the best operating conditions for the dynamic carriage slide as well as for the traversable tailstock.

DMG made great developments even better for IMTS. This technology leader will present the two CTX 310 and CTX 410 models in Chicago, which will include a counter spindle and a Y-axis, driven tools and C-axis. This successful series is in top shape for universal complete machining and for its further triumphal procession in global markets. Harry Junger, CEO of GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH emphasizes: "When it comes to chipping performance, flexibility, speed and precision, nothing is comparable in this price range."

A further constructive argument for the application of absolute measuring systems in the X and Z-axis, assures maximum precision with the shortest set-up time, a high rapid traverse and dynamic digital drives, which makes the time-consuming reference point guiding unnecessary. In addition, high-tech features such as the integrated spindle motor for highly dynamic acceleration and deceleration, as well as the fast-indexing VDI servo turret (from 0.1 sec) with 12 tool stations and optional driven tools, are optimally embedded.

The CTX 10 Series offers three control options which include the Siemens 840D with the latest ShopTurn 3D programming software, the Heidenhain Plus IT with DINPlus (optional TurnPlus) through to the Fanuc 32i with Manual Guide i. A common denominator of all control options is their high-tech performance and the highest level of operator comfort. The CNCs are fitted with the latest 3D-software, and operate in the swiveling DMG SlimLinePanel with a 15" TFT-screen, making this feature an absolute novelty in this machine class.

The modular expansion stages of the CTX 10 Series, without a doubt, allow flexible processing at the highest level. This is due to features such as the counter spindle and Y-axis, continuous bar machining packages such as the larger hollow clamping cylinder, expanded lunette technology for shaft machining, additional tool measuring or the workpiece pick-up device and driven tools in all stations.

The CTX 10 Series Innovations

o Advanced expansion stages for complete machininig:
New // Y-axis for eccentric drilling and milling machining
New // Counter spindle for 2-sided complete machining
o DMG SlimLinePanel with15" TFT-screen and 3D-software
o Three control options from Siemens, Heidenhain and Fanuc - the right platform for every user. Includes interactive programming support for up to 50% faster and more secure programming
o Fast-indexing VDI-servo turret with 12 tool stations
o Driven tools in all stations (optional)
o Digital drives for the highest dynamics and precision
o Integrated spindle motor for high productivity and cost efficiency

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