Turning Center suits mid- to high-volume production.

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Model E 320 offers turning, boring, milling, and tapping in one setup. Machine can be configured with 1 or 2 spindles, C axis, live tools, and Y axis. It features max cutting length of 23.62 in., cutting diameter of 12.6 in., and 27.55 in. swing. Main components are assembled on solid base incorporating polygonal ribbed working platform, which is supported on 45° angle. Tool holder disk offers 12-tool capacity, all with front and back machining capability.

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ROMI E 320 with Y-Axis Offers Superior Flexibility and Power

ERLANGER, KY - Romi Machine Tools, Ltd, an industry leader in turning machine technology, has built a reputation on providing customer-driven solutions to a broad array of precision turned-part challenges. The E Series of turning centers offers turning, boring, milling and tapping - all in one setup. It can be configured with one or two spindles, C axis, live tools and a Y axis. The E Series is designed to fit the needs of mid- and high-volume production, offering flexibility with consistent accuracy from the first to the last part.

With a swing of 27.55", a maximum cutting length of 23.62", a cutting diameter of 12.6" and distance between spindle faces of 41.26, the E 320 combines high performance turning and large machining capacity within a compact 145.67" x 74.80" space-saving footprint.

The slant bed. The E 320 main components are assembled on a solid base incorporating the new FEA designed "polygonal ribbed working platform", comprising a polygon shaped rib structure around a torque tube core to achieve minimal heat distortion and maximum vibration dampening.

The working platform is supported on a 45° angle by a "torque tube concept" ribbed structure integrated in a one-piece cast iron body and filled with vibration dampening materials.

The result is a machine base with high torsion resistance great vibration dampening and low thermal deformation. The base was conceived for modular machine assembly, giving Romi maximum flexibility to meet user needs. It is possible to assemble one headstock or two (or a tailstock), one or two turrets, Y axis, load and unload devices and a wide range of accessories on the same base.

Headstock. High precision spindle bearings are grease lubricated for life, and have minimal temperature variation, even when running continuously at maximum speed. The heavy duty spindle cartridge is rigidly anchored on the headstock base, designed to be free of thermal distortion generated by any source of heat, such as the spindle motor, hydraulic cylinder or spindle bearings. Spindle drive motor and spindle temperature influence to the spindle base is less than 0.2°C.

The left spindle. The left spindle features a new belt-driven cartridge-style gearless headstock featuring a high-torque 25 hp or 35 hp AC GE Fanuc spindle motor with a variable speed drive. Two spindle options allow you to match the spindle speed and size to specific production needs. A2-6" spindle features rigid mounting, a 2.87" through-hole capacity, a 2.6" bar capacity and a 4 - 4500 RPM speed range. The A2-8" has a through hole of 3.34", a bar capacity of 3.1" and a speed range of 3 to 3,000 RPM.

The right spindle. The right spindle features a high-torque 25 hp AC GE Fanuc spindle motor with a variable speed drive. The A2-6" spindle features rigid mounting, a 2.87" through-hole capacity, a 2.56" bar capacity and a 4 - 4500 RPM speed range.

Axis travels are Z-axis, 23.82", X axis, 8.66", Y axis, 3.94" (+ 2.36" - 1.57", 13 axis (right spindle), 31.1" and C axis (minimal increment) of 0.001".

Longitudinal and cross carriages. Both have been developed to be stiff and to support all turret versions and the Y axis. The carriages are mounted over precise and heavy load capacity linear guide ways, designed to support increased acceleration and deceleration rates as well as increased cutting pressure. High acceleration rates on the spindle and up to 0.7 G on all axes, with 1.181 ipm of rapid traverse reduces machining time. Intelligent servo control algorithms make carriage movements smooth, contributing to improved part finishes.

Advantages of linear guideways include fast rapid traverse rates for turret, right side spindle and tailstock, low consumption of lubricant and virtual maintenance free operation.

Rapid traverse rates: Z axis, 1.181 ipm, X axis, 945 ipm, Y axis, 708 ipm, B axis (right spindle), 1.181 imp, and C axis 720 imp (with A2-6" spindle nose) and 480 ipm (with A2-8" spindle nose.)

Tailstock. The E 320 tailstock is fully programmable. The tailstock base is constructed using a ribbed cast iron structure that gives high rigidity and stability to the tailstock assembly. The tailstock is mounted on linear guide ways and driven by a hydraulic cylinder anchored to the machine base. Again, the result is the superior capability to absorb vibration during heavy cuts and to provide the stability for accurate and smooth operation,

The tailstock body, assembled on the base, allows easy and precise center alignment. It offers two options for live centers: the MT-4 sleeve and external live center, best for light or thin parts, or the MT-4 heavy duty bearing built-in center, which is best for heavier parts and when taking heavy cuts.

An automated lubrication system, a complete coolant system and splash guards with overlapping doors are standard.

Turrets. There are three turret options: the basic servo driven "T" turret for standard turning tools; the motor driven M" turret for live tools; and the motor driven "MY" turret, which is an "M" turret for live tools combined with a Y axis assembly.

Designed for severe cutting conditions, the turrets are no-rise style and offer extremely fast - 0.02 seconds - and highly precise indexing.

The tool holder disk has a 12 tool capacity, all with front and back machining capability. The powerful live tools on "M" and "MY' turrets feature 7.5 hp motors. The internal transmission system shifts motor function from disk indexing to live tool drive and vice versa, in just one half second. It runs smoothly up to 5000 RPM and delivers the torque needed to perform milling, drilling and tapping operations. All 12 positions accept live tool holders, but only the working position is driven. All live tool holders can be fitted for front or back machining. The Y axis improves machininig capability, allowing off center line milling, drilling and tapping. Many more part machining operations can be performed in a single setup with the addition of the Y axis.

The enclosed working area. The Romi E Series machines' working area is entirely enclosed, surrounded by stainless steel chip guards and front door. All major moving systems, as turrets, tailstock or right side spindle, are covered with guards and chips cannot accumulate - or even reach - the back of the machine.

The control. The right hand mounted GE Fanuc 211-TB CNC (used on the 320 A with one spindle) of the 181-TB CNC (used on the 320 B with opposed spindles) features the latest technological advancements in a uniquely small space. The 10.4" color LCD and full keyboard conveniently swivel for ease of operation. A shock absorber keeps the control in position when keys are pressed.

Programming functions include interpolation, threading, feeding, reference position return, coordinate system, values for coordinate and dimensions, spindle and tool functions, program creation and editing, canned and fixed cycles, multiple repetitive cycle of roughing (parts I and II), conversational programming and machining functions for live tools.

For more than 75 years and some 140,000 installations Romi's innovation, reliability, dependability and ease-of-use have set it apart - and ahead of - the competition. Romi's combination and CNC lathes and turning centers and machining centers are meticulously built at its eight-plant manufacturing complex in Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Brazil, and are sold and supported in more than 60 countries. From its North American Headquarters in Erlanger, Kentucky, Romi provides an unparalleled degree of training, service and support for all Romi machine tool products.

For more information, contact Romi Machine Tools, Ltd; 1845 Airport Exchange Blvd.; Erlanger, KY 41018. Tel: 859/647-7566. Fax: 859/647-9122. Toll Free US & Canada: 1-877-ROMIUSA. Web: www.romiusa.com. e-mail: sales@romiusa., A. Web: www.romiusa.com. e-mail: sales@romiusa.

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