Turning and Milling Inserts are PVD coated.

Press Release Summary:

SpectraTurn(TM)and SprectraMill(TM) inserts are coated with TiAln or AlTiN for edge strength and wear resistance. Heat produced in cutting process is carried away by chip. TiAlN coated insert grades are suitable for dry milling and for high-speed turning. AlTiN coated inserts are ideal for milling titanium and titanium alloys.

Original Press Release:

Valenite Introduces New Spectra Turn And Spectra Mill Inserts With PVD TiAIN and AITiN Coatings

Family of new PVD coated grades combines all the advantages of conventional PVD coatings with superior wear properties.

Valenite is introducing new PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coated SpectraTurn(TM) and SpecraMill(TM) inserts for turning and milling. These inserts are PVD coated with TiAlN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride) or AlTiN (Aluminum Titanium Nitride) to provide superior edge strength and wear properties. For turning, TiAlN coated inserts can run up to 100% faster than uncoated grades and up to 40% faster than PVD TiN coated grades. For milling applications, TiAlN coated inserts can machine up to 50% higher speed than uncoated grades and up to 20% higher feed rates than conventional CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) coated inserts. AlTiN inserts are developed to machine titanium and titanium alloys.

TiAlN and AlTiN coatings have high-hardness and low thermal conductivity typically reducing the thermal stress imposed on the cutting edges. Subsequently, the heat produced in the cutting process is carried away by the chip. For those reasons, TiAlN coated insert grades are ideal for dry milling and for high-speed turning, and AlTiN coated inserts are ideal for
milling titanium and titanium alloys. These inserts retain all the basic advantages of PVD coatings that include; smooth crack-free surfaces that resist build up; less residual stresses
which resist crack propagation; little or no brittle eta-phase that preserves the substrate strength; and very sharp insert edges which reduce the cutting forces.

AlTiN has a higher aluminum content than the TiAlN coating that results in a coating with higher hardness that increases hot hardness and the oxidational stability of the coating. As
a result, this coating is ideal for machining titanium and titanium alloys because it acts as an insulator, translating the high heat to the chip and not to the insert.

SpectraTurn(TM) turning inserts with the TiAlN coating are available in VC911, VC912, and VC919 grades that cover heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty applications.

SpectraMill(TM) milling inserts with the TiAlN coating are available in VC91A, VC911, VC912, VC91B, VC919, VC9lC, and VC9lD carbide grades. The VC941 general-purpose grade is the only one available with the AlTiN coating.

The faster speeds possible with TiAlN coatings not only boost productivity, but also improve performance on gummy materials such as stainless steel, high temperature alloys and low carbon steels by reducing cutting friction and edge build-up.

Valenite is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial cutting tools in the world. Headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan, Valenite has manufacturing, sales and service operations on five continents. Valenite offers a complete line of standard and special indexable-insert turning, threading, grooving, boring, milling and drilling products to a variety
of industries. Valenite also manufacturers carbide die and wear parts, extruded carbide products, high-speed steel cutting tools, and electronic gaging systems. In addition, special high-
production tooling for custom machining systems is produced under the MODCO® name. Valenite also markets the VALCOOL® line of cutting fluids.

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