Turn LCD Display Downtime into Production Uptime

ED (Emergency Display) can temporarily replace defective machine display monitors to get the machine or process back into production quickly.

ED displays recognize all video signals and can interface with all computers and can display, record and store all types of video signals. It can also serve as a temporary display monitor until the defective unit can be repaired or replaced.

ED is an "Emergency LCD Display Kit" with multi-scanning capabilities that comes with a multitude of cable connectors and interface adapters organized into one carrying case. Easy to operate, it features a one button auto-set-up to connect to any video or power source and recognizes all legacy and VESA signals. In the unlikely case that the signal or connector is not recognized, a modification or compatible connector will be supplied at no charge.

Here is a product, no factory or shop should be without for those emergencies when a failed monitor shuts down a production process or machine. ED can reduce costly OEM replacements as ED allows time to source an economical replacement without losing production. ED can also speed-up the replacement process without having to maintain extra monitors in inventory for those display downtime emergencies.

ED is ideal for machine shops, automotive, food processing, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper and any industry and or application utilizing LCD displays that can't afford production downtime. ED is compatible with any signal, any power and any machine. It really is the display that is ready when it is needed the most.

ED will be the best production insurance buy a plant manager will ever make!

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