Turbine Oil Conditioner can be scaled to requirements.

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Turbo-TOC® KL Series prevents oxidation and viscosity breakdown that may compromise turbine lubricant effectiveness. Combining coalescing technology with electronic touch controls, systems utilize K1100 pre-filter, K2100 coalescer, and K3100 separator to remove harmful water, particulates, and other contaminants. Along with pump pressure, element differential pressure, and oil temperature graphics, display also relays water removal data.

Original Press Release:

Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation Introduces New Generation of Turbo-TOC® KL Series Oil Conditioning Systems

(Atlanta, Georgia) Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation, a world leader in oil conditioning technology, has introduced a new generation of Turbo-TOC® oil conditioning systems. Designed to prevent oxidation and viscosity breakdown that may compromise the effectiveness of turbine lubricants, the Kaydon Turbo-TOC® KL Series delivers functionality and performance that is superior to competitive systems.

Suited to applications in power generation, pulp and paper processing, primary metals, production, petroleum refining, and mining applications, Turbo-TOC® KL Series oil conditioning systems couple coalescing technology with electronic touch controls and state-of-the-art filter designs. Scaled to address the specific needs of both large and small facilities, Turbo-TOC® KL systems quickly and efficiently remove harmful water, particulates and other contaminants from turbine lubrication oils. Turbo-TOC® KL systems also bring predictability to maintenance schedules, enhance long-term equipment operation, and significantly reduce the likelihood of equipment failures or unscheduled maintenance.

Compared to other turbine oil conditioning systems, Turbo-TOC® KL systems are:

o 100% faster than vacuum distillation systems
o 33% more efficient than centrifugation systems
o 20% less costly than centrifugation systems
o 25% less expensive to maintain than centrifugation systems
o 200% more effective in removing water than mass transfer equipment
o 75% to 80% more effective in removing water than electrostatic separators

Kaydon's complete line of filters ensures that every Turbo-TOC® KL system delivers exceptional particulate and water removal.

The K1100 pre-filter features a rugged, corrosive-resistant design that minimizes the possibility of pleat bunching or collapse during cold start up. It is effective in removing particulates from turbine lubricating oils, based on turbine manufacturers' specifications. The K1100 filter, along with particulate layers in the coalescer and separator, keeps inlet oil cleanliness to 18/16/13 per ISO 4406, and outlet cleanliness to 16/14/11.

The K2100 coalescer is the first stage element in the water removal process. It gathers water particles into large drops that then fall to the bottom of the housing. The filter features a single-length, pleated coalescer design for greater water removal effectiveness.

The K3100 separator is used for second stage water removal. It strips water out of the oil, which then falls and collects with the coalesced water. The accumulated water is automatically removed by the Turbo-TOC® KL system when it reaches a specified level in the filter housing.

The Turbo-TOC® coalescer and separator elements are capable of removing Total Water to below 100 PPM1 with greater than 95% efficiency.

K-Touch® Technology Control Panel Streamlines Operations

K-Touch® Technology Control Panels are featured on all KL100, KL60, KL30, and KL10 Turbo-Toc® units. Each panel is outfitted with a PLC controller that may be interfaced with other monitoring systems, and can be operated remotely. Every K-Touch® is equipped with the following features:

o Easy-to-Use Operator Interfaces: The simple control format makes operator training quick and easy.
o Start and Stop Window Controls: A simple touch of the window starts and stops the system.
o Pump Pressure, Element Differential Pressures, and Oil Temperature Graphics: All important system information is easily attained from the Touch Window. Evaluation of system performance is immediate.
o Water Removal Data Displays: The K-Touch provides water removal data for each hour, day, month, and year the system is in operation, documenting the amount of water removed. The window helps document the existence and extent of water ingression into lubricants.
o Alarm History Documentation: The system automatically documents alarm shutdowns, and does so for the life of the system.
o Flow-Rate Adjustment Controls: If rapid water and particulate removal is required, the system flow rate can be raised. If more efficient water and particulate removal is required, slower flow rates may be selected.
o Automatic Flow Control: The system automatically adjusts flow rate to accommodate changes in oil temperature, while maintaining water removal efficiency with respect to oil temperature.
o Oil Heater Adjustment Window Control: When oil needs to be heated quickly, the heater adjustment window makes temperature adjustment easy.

West Point Dam, GA
Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation has defined the field of oil conditioning since the company was founded in 1885. In 1939, Kaydon introduced of the world's first effective oil conditioning system for use with turbine applications. In the 1980s, Kaydon advanced the performance and effectiveness of turbine oil conditioning by introducing the world's first proven coalescing system. Turbo-TOC® KL systems advance coalescing technology to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. To learn more about Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation, call 706-884-3041 or 800-241-2342 or visit www.kaydonfiltration.com.

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