Tungsten-Electrode Grinder provides consistent welds.

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Suited for TIG and plasma welders, Model TEG-3 employs diamond wheel that grinds tungsten electrodes longitudinally and at set angle for consistent angle and shape. Ground and polished tips prevent arc instability and require minimal resetting or re-welding. Available in 110 and 220 V, 50/60 Hz versions, grinder eliminates circumferential lines and ridges on electrodes and accommodates sizes from 1.6-4 mm.

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Rapid Payback From Tungsten Grinders For Arc Welders

The TEG-3 Tungsten Electrode Grinder from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques saves money and improves productivity by providing longer electrode life and consistent TIG and Plasma welds.

A dedicated grinder made specifically for tungsten electrodes is easier to use than standard workshop grinders and running costs are lower due to the specially-produced diamond grinding wheel, which is cheaper than many standard wheels and can outlast them many times over. The wheel grinds tungsten electrodes longitudinally and at a set angle to provide consistent angle and shape. A well ground tungsten prevents arc instability as experienced with manually ground electrodes or those ground with an inappropriate tool.

The TEG-3 can pay for itself within weeks, through lower grinding wheel costs and in prolonged electrode usage. Productivity is improved as well-ground and polished tips are consistent and require less resetting or rewelding than joins produced with badly ground tips, which often require repositioning and cause preferential arcing. Circumferential lines and ridges on electrodes, often the cause of bad arcing, are eliminated.

The machine boasts a high-torque motor that is not slowed or stalled by heavy grinding and carries a lifelong guarantee.

Sizes from 1.6mm to 4mm can be accommodated with the standard machine and other sizes can be catered for with an optional collet accessory. The TEG-3 is CE certified and available in 110 or 220 Volt versions, 50/60 Hz. A version fitted with dust extraction facility is available, removing hazardous dust when fitted to a compressed air supply. To further prolong electrode life and eliminate thoria dust, the company recommends the use of MultiStrike (TM) tungsten electrodes.

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