TuffWrap Updates Options for Cleaning High Structure Areas After Reroofing Projects

Press Release Summary:

TuffWrap® introduces HSDR (high structure dust removal) and HSDR-V (high structure dust removal with vacuum) options for post-project cleaning. HSDR service includes debris removal by blowing it off of reachable horizontal surfaces whereas the HSDR-V service uses vacuum for clear reroofing dust and debris from reachable horizontal surfaces. HSDR-V method is suitable for ceiling tiles or flat surfaces.

Original Press Release:

TuffWrap® Announces Update to High Structure Cleaning Options

In response to our customers’ requests and ongoing changes to facility requirements, TuffWrap has updated our post-project cleaning services. Effective immediately, we are replacing our single service, High Structure Cleaning, with two newly defined options.

The first option is High Structure Dust Removal (HSDR). This service is comprised of the removal of loose debris by lightly blowing it off of reachable horizontal surfaces. This standard offering is performed during takedown of a suspended cover solution. While it is not considered to be a full-service cleaning, it is an excellent solution for facilities that may have concerns about remaining debris falling postproject.

Our second option is High Structure Dust Removal with Vacuum (HSDR-V). During the suspended cover takedown, we can utilize a vacuum to help clear reroofing dust and debris off of reachable horizontal services. This service is particularly applicable for ceiling tiles or other flat surfaces that may have collected more dust and debris.

TuffWrap is proud to continue to grow our business offerings to address the needs of our customers and to meet the demand for cleaner, safer and more productive facilities.

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Dana Whedon

Marketing Manager

TuffWrap Installations, Inc.



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