Tubeaxial 4.69 in. Fans provide high-speed operation.

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Models 4100NH3 and 4100NH6, constructed with air intake over struts, handle dense system requirements, such in AdvancedTCA chassis. At free air (0 static pressure), 4114NH3 provides 182 cfm at 6,000 rpm, while 4114NH6 provides 259 cfm at 8,400 rpm. Model 4114NH6 also offers performance to 200 cfm at 1 in. of H2O. Both fans are offered in 12 (H3-H5), 24, and 48 Vdc variations.

Original Press Release:

New High-Speed Versions Available in 4.69 in (119 mm) Sized Fans

New additions to the 4100N series (4100NH3-4100NH6) add higher speed, higher CFM options to our existing 4.69 in (119 mm) tubeaxial fan lines. Each "H" represents the different available speed (RPM) of the fan and hence higher airflow. For example, at free air (0 static pressure) the 4114NH3 provides 182 CFM at 6000 RPM, while a 4114NH6 provides 259 CFM at 8400 RPM.

The fans ability to handle pressure should not be understated. The air intake over struts design elevates the knee of the performance curve to handle dense system requirements (ie- AdvancedTCA chassis). The 4114NH6 proves that, with a performance of 200 CFM at 1 in. of H20.

These fan are in production now and are offered in 12 (H3-H5), 24 and 48 VDC variations. Inquire for availability: 860.674.1515,

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