Tube End Former meets multi-step ram forming requirements.

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Model TH:VR601-HD uses twin heads in modified C frame configurations. With optional tool changer, it will service tubes up to 3 in. diameter. Machine delivers 4-5 second cycle time per station, and has extended frame to enable backstopping to supplement clamping system. Allen Bradley Micrologix 1200-based control with limit switches provides accurate machine travel. Hydraulic system has 55 gal hydraulic tank with 15 hp motor. Air-cooled heat exchanger is standard.

Original Press Release:

Aristo Introduces the TH:VR601-HD Tube End Former for Heavy Duty, Multiple Step RAM Forming Requirements

Indianapolis, IN - The new TH:VR601-HD tube end former from Aristo Machines uses twin heads in modified "C" frame configurations to deliver a most versatile ram forming system. With an optional tool changer, the system will service a wide range of end forming requirements for tubes up to 3" in diameter. The design can be easily modified for larger diameter tubes as well.

Designed to run one part through a sequence of forming operations from raw tube to finished part before starting a new part, the TH:VR601-HD delivers a four to five second cycle time per station (does not include loading/unloading time). It has an extended frame to enable 'backstopping' to supplement the clamping system.

The new machine also features an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1200 based control system with limit switches for accurate, reliable machine travel. Proximity switches provide reliable cycle control; with simple mechanical adjustment to position the switches for the desired forming results. A foot switch starts the cycle. The open design, for which Aristo is known enables easy access to the hydraulic system for maintenance. Valves, motor/pump and oil tank are easily accessible for maintenance.

The hydraulic system on the TH:VR601-HD has a 55-gallon hydraulic tank with a 15 HP motor. The hydraulic directional control valves on the machine are Parker D3W series high performance valves. Air-cooled heat exchanger is also standard.

For more information contact Aristo Machines, Inc., 2400 Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis, IN, 46201-4161. Phone 1-877-2-ARISTO (1-877-227-4786). Fax 1-317-453-0207. Internet:

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