TTL/NECL Frequency Divider has programmable, 2-phase design.

Press Release Summary:

Self-contained divider pod, PRL-260ANT, accepts input frequency f from dc to 1 GHz and outputs divided TTL and ECL clock signals with ratios from f/2-f/4096. Able to be cascaded with additional PRL frequency dividers, it accepts TTL and ECL clock signals as well as ac-coupled PECL, LVPECL, or sinewave signals. All divided outputs are synchronous with input frequency, and division ratios are programmed via series of DIP switches.

Original Press Release:

Pulse Research Lab's New 1 GHz Programmable, 2-Phase TTL/NECL Frequency Divider (f/2 - f/4096)

July 7, 2005 - Torrance, CA - Pulse Research Lab (PRL) announces the unique PRL 260ANT Programmable TTL/NECL Frequency Divider. This self-contained divider pod accepts an input frequency f from DC to 1 GHz and outputs divided TTL and ECL clock signals with ratios from f/2 - f/4096. The PRL-260ANT can be cascaded with additional PRL frequency dividers for even higher division ratios. All divided outputs are synchronous with the input frequency and can be used for triggering data acquisition systems, pattern generators, oscilloscopes, and networking/telecommunications devices.

The PRL-260ANT will accept TTL and ECL clock signals as well as AC-coupled PECL, LVPECL or sinewave signals. The input frequency f is first divided down to f/n, where 2 <= n <= 256. The f/n signal is then further divided by 1, 2, 4, or 8 for the first-phase ECL and TTL outputs and by 2, 4, 8 or 16 for the second-phase ECL output. The division ratios are programmed via a series of DIP switches. All outputs are square waves (50% duty cycle), except for the first-phase output when the final divisor is set to 1. All outputs are complementary and will drive long lines. TTL outputs are back-matched and will drive terminated or unterminated loads. ECL outputs can drive 50 Ohm loads terminated into -2 V or AC-coupled 50 Ohm loads.

The PRL-260ANT is ideal for applications where a frequency divider or prescalar is needed for triggering or down-sampling, and the multiple logic inputs and outputs make it extremely useful in mixed-logic environments. The two phases of output enable applications requiring two different ratios from a common reference frequency. Applications for the PRL-260ANT include data acquisition, test, measurement, R&D, and system integration.

The unit includes an AC adapter for ready-to-use convenience on the bench or in a system. All I/O connectors are SMA, except for the TTL input, which is BNC. The extruded aluminum housing is suitable for mounting with the optional brackets.

Pulse Research Lab, established in 1990, provides signal buffering & translation modules for digital design, integration and testing. The company offers high-performance, affordable Basic Lab Tools and prototyping tools to professional electrical engineers, scientists, and technicians. Founder, David Kan, states, "PRL's charter has been to listen to our customers' problems and provide solutions. We've proudly and successfully been doing this for over fifteen years." For more information, please visit

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