TSX Series Cutter comes with 4-corner tangentially mounted insert.

Press Release Summary:

Available in two precision-ground insert sizes for providing maximum depth of 8mm and 12mm, TSX Series Cutter is designed with tough and sharp cutting edge. Suitable for small job cuttings to heavy duty applications, TSX Series Cutter offers reduced cutting force, surface roughness Ra less than 0.5 µm and squareness less than 0.05mm.

Original Press Release:

Sumitomo’s Introduces TSX Series for High Efficiency Shoulder Milling

New from Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc., the TSX Series Tangential Milling Cutter is designed for exceptionally efficient shoulder milling.

For stable, highly efficient machining at high feed rates, the TSX Series is engineered with a tough and sharp cutting edge. It provides the strength required for increased depths of cut ranging from a small job to a heavy duty roughing application.

A 4-corner ground tolerance tangentially mounted insert, with an optimized chipbreaker, achieves excellent edge sharpness and sidewall accuracy. The TSX is available in two precision-ground insert sizes offering a maximum depth of cut of 8mm (.315”) and 12mm (.473”).

Other features of the competitively priced TSX include reduced cutting force, surface roughness Ra under 0.5 µm, squareness under 0.05mm and long-term wear resistance.

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