TRW Advanced Pre-Crash Radar and Seatbelt System Further Integrates Active and Passive Safety

PARIS, June 15 / - TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. (NYSE:TRW), the global leader in active and passive safety systems, today unveiled an advanced pre-crash system combining its latest generation Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Active Control Retractor (ACR) seatbelt technologies to help prepare occupants before a crash occurs.

The TRW Active Control Retractor (ACR) seatbelt system was among the pioneering technologies integrating active and passive safety systems when it launched in 2002, and this revolutionary product is now being combined with TRW's second generation AC20 radar system to add a further level of occupant protection when a vehicle senses a potential crash.

The AC20 radar can detect moving objects with an enhanced range of up to 200 meters and senses vehicles in the roadway ahead. The radar can identify target vehicles and how rapidly the acquiring vehicle is approaching them. If the system detects that the gap between the vehicles is closing too quickly, it will signal the ACR system to remove any seatbelt slack, which helps to better position the occupant for a potential crash and helps to warn the driver of a potential impending event. If the crash is avoided, the system will reverse itself and automatically loosen the seat belt slack.

The TRW Pre-crash system utilizes a situation management algorithm that continuously processes signals from the vehicle's relevant dynamic systems such as ABS, electronic stability control or the TRW ACC radar. The algorithm evaluates events such as braking, sliding, vehicle angle and object detection, and determines if a critical situation has been reached that warrants the activation of the ACR system.

Uwe Class, manager reversible systems for TRW's Occupant Safety Systems business, said, "Merging active and passive safety systems is a powerful tool in bridging the gap between helping to avoid accidents and in mitigating occupant injuries if a crash does occur. When the systems work in concert, vehicle speeds can be reduced and systems like the ACR can help to place occupants in a more ideal position to take fuller advantage of the inflatable restraint systems."

This advanced pre-crash system provides the basis for further integration opportunities such as radar enabled emergency braking that uses ACC technology to help detect if an accident is unavoidable and can automatically engage the brakes while activating the ACR. The ACR again helps to warn the driver of impending danger, together with other warnings such as audible signals through the vehicle sound system or vibrating the steering wheel. These warnings can also be helpful in other situations such as when a driver becomes drowsy.


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