TRUMPF's TruMark 5020 Fiber Laser Marker Converts High Pulse Frequencies Into Short Marking Processes

FARMINGTON, Conn., July 22, 2009 - Fast and flexible describe the TruMark 5020, a new fiber laser marker from TRUMPF. It is the first fiber laser marker from the TruMark Series 5000 and is ideal for applications on metals and plastics with high speed and excellent edge quality requirements, thanks to the high pulse frequencies and its superior pulse-to-pulse stability.

The TruMark 5020's highly dynamic scanner module is able to convert pulse frequencies of up to 1 megahertz into a correspondingly high processing speed. In turn, thanks to MOFPA technology (Master Oscillator Fiber Power Amplifier), the pulse duration of the TruMark 5020 can be adjusted so that laser processing is perfectly adapted to the application. A focal point adjustment ensures that the laser's focus point adjusts to the different component heights. The TruMark 5020 shows special strength in marking metal by delivering high quality customized marking or engraving in short processing times.

Engineers at TRUMPF paid particular attention to laser safety in the design of the new fiber laser marker. In addition to an especially tough fiber protection hose, the TruMark 5020 has a mechanical lock that prevents the laser beam from discharging between two marking procedures.

Like all TruMark lasers, the TruMark 5020 has a modular design. Scanner, laser head and power supply unit are connected via plug-in connectors allowing the marking laser to be easily integrated into existing production systems. In addition, Telediagnostics makes it possible to maintain the fiber marking laser remotely with comfort and security. For this purpose, the TruMark 5020 comes with integrated laser power measurement and laser power calibration, features that have proven to maintain laser marking consistency over many years of operation with the marking lasers from the TruMark Series 3000 and 6000.

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