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True AC Module affords safe, simple installation.

Press Release Summary:

Nov 19, 2012 - Featuring grid-tied, factory-coupled Exeltech micro-inverter with 6T Series module, SolSimple comes complete and ready to install with single point of connection to AC homerun cable. Design eliminates several potential points of failure – DC fusing, GFCI electronics, DC cabling – and minimizes issues with shading and equipment matching. Safe to install, solar solution supports HelioSentry and Elements monitoring platforms.

Helios Solar Works - Milwaukee, WI

Original Press Release

Helios Solar Works Releases its SolSimple Line of True AC Modules

Press release date: Oct 10, 2012

Helios Solar Works announces the release of its AC module solution - SolSimple.  The SolSimple module has a grid-tied inverter mounted to the panel and qualifies as a true AC module per NEC code.

Milwaukee, WI – Helios Solar Works, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of crystalline PV modules, announces the release of its SolSimple line of true AC modules.  Helios is factory-coupling an Exeltech micro-inverter with its popular 6T Series module to create a solar solution that is simple, safe to install, and unparalleled in reliability.  AC module systems are inherently easier to design as shading issues and equipment-matching issues are minimized.  The SolSimple is also faster and cheaper to install because the unit comes complete from the factory ready to install with a single point of connection to an inexpensive AC homerun cable.

The SolSimple line continues a Helios tradition of application-targeted module innovation.  “A year ago we released our 9T6 Series 420 watt module for large scale installations, this year Helios is producing the ideal product for the residential and small commercial market,” stated Steve Ostrenga, CEO of Helios.  “SolSimple is game-changing technology that brings simplicity to designers and installers and affordability and scalability to the consumer in a way nobody else can.”

There are several important differentiators between SolSimple and other AC solutions.  First, by being a true AC module SolSimple eliminates several potential points of failure from the equation.  No DC fusing, GFCI electronics or DC cabling is required so safety and reliability risks are minimized.  Secondly, the wiring of the modules requires only an inexpensive AC homerun cable.  Each module is attached to this cable at any point along its length eliminating the need for the expensive and increment-limited cable options competitor modules require.  Finally, SolSimple has two monitoring platforms.  The HelioSentry allows for laboratory-grade monitoring of the PV system, the home or business’ energy consumption and the actual sunlight.  The Elements system is also an investment-grade monitoring solution that is cloud-based, user friendly and scalable with available add-ons to increase monitoring capabilities.  It includes smartphone and tablet access to monitor system performance.

Helios chose to partner with Exeltech Solar from Fort Worth, Texas Incorporated, the only TL9000 inverter manufacturer in the United States. The company has manufactured over 150,000 pure sine wave inverters in their 22 year history. Exeltech’s highly reliable inverters are used in mission critical applications all over the world.  These applications include nuclear facilities, 911 emergency systems, aviation systems, US embassies, and the International Space Station.

“The combination of the Exeltech microinverter and the Helios module gives the US market a fantastic option for solar installations – simple, affordable and scalable with fantastic reliability – all made in the USA” says Gary Chemelewski, President of Exeltech.
SolSimple modules meet the National Electric Code (NEC) qualifications for an AC module.  NEC describes them as complete environmentally sealed units designed to generate AC power when exposed to sunlight. The NEC also describes the applicable wiring methodology and exempts AC modules from DC source circuit requirements.   SolSimple modules are certified to UL 1703 and UL 1741 standards. The SolSimple module will carries a ten year workmanship and 25 year power output warranty.

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