Trivalent Solutions' New Partnership Enhances Process Improvements for Mid-Sized Businesses

CHICAGO, June 18 - Trivalent Solutions, an innovative process improvement firm based here, today announced a new addition to its strategic alliances, unveiling a new partnership with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software developer Adonix.

The partnership brings together Trivalent's vast process improvement expertise with Adonix's leading-edge X3 enterprise software. Adonix X3 is designed to help mid-sized companies reap the benefits of an enterprise system while avoiding the complexity of systems designed for large corporations. The first Web-native ERP solution engineered for the mid-market, Adonix X3 provides users with worldwide access to the system from any machine connected to the Internet.

Core functional areas - including manufacturing, distribution, warehouse management and customer relationship management - are all managed via one common database, ensuring data integrity and accuracy while enabling all departments to share information efficiently. Since the database is updated on a real-time basis, users can access mission-critical information as business transactions occur, leading to more timely and effective decision-making processes.

According to Luis Solano, president of Trivalent Solutions, his firm's relationship with Adonix brings together a potent combination of talents for companies seeking more efficient, effective business processes.

"Trivalent Solutions is a process improvement consulting firm with technology experience, not the other way around," Solano said. "That means we're able to implement Adonix's software with an eye toward integrating it with a company's own processes and systems, ensuring that it works the way they do right out of the box. That seamless, customized approach means the software is easier to use from day one, and more flexible in responding to business changes over time."

According to Solano, Adonix lets companies take advantage of a new level of flexibility when adapting the solution to their unique business processes. For example, they can enter their own formulas, rules and conditions without making programming changes, and the system preserves those changes when upgrading to new software versions.

"Adonix's logical design, its pre-defined templates based on best business practice know-how, and its flexibility - combined with Trivalent's deep implementation expertise - mean we can help businesses put Adonix to use quickly and easily," Solano said. "For cost-conscious companies, that means more significant process improvements and a faster return on investment."

Located in Wilmette, IL, Trivalent Solutions is an industrial engineering-based process improvement firm. Founded in 2001, Trivalent Solutions is dedicated exclusively to helping mid-size organizations reap the very real benefits of a process-driven approach. More information is available at

Adonix North America is a fully owned subsidiary of The Sage Group, PLC, a $1.7 billion organization and leading supplier of business management software and services to 5.2 million customers worldwide. The company is the North American arm of Adonix X3 operations, an international ERP solution for mid-sized companies, by Sage. Adonix X3 is available in 21 countries with North American operations headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

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