Tripp Lite's PowerAlert Software Gets Updated

Chicago, IL (August 22, 2008)-Tripp Lite, a world-leading manufacturer of power protection equipment, has released a new version of its free PowerAlert software.

Three specialized components combine to deliver full-featured power management capabilities from desktop to enterprise. PowerAlert Network Management System allows network managers to monitor and control up to 250 UPS systems and power distribution units (PDUs) through a single interface. PowerAlert Local allows end users to monitor and control UPS systems connected to a host computer through a USB or serial cable. It also includes an SNMP agent that allows UPS systems to be discovered and managed by PowerAlert Network Management System or a third-party network management system.

PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent allows the host computer to monitor a designated PowerAlert Local client or SNMPWEBCARD accessory over the network. When a selected power event is detected (typically an "on battery" event), the host computer automatically hibernates or shuts down after a user-specified delay. It's ideal for computers that have restricted system resources or cannot connect to a UPS system through a USB or serial cable.

"We designed PowerAlert to be the most flexible and comprehensive network power management software package available," said Mike Delgrosso, Tripp Lite Director of Software Development. "From a single local server to a large global enterprise, PowerAlert simplifies power management and reduces deployment and troubleshooting time for any network. It's ideal for controlling and monitoring a network of UPS systems and PDUs, even when they're in remote locations or connected to computers that use different operating systems."

PowerAlert Application Overview

In a typical home or small office setup, a UPS system communicates with a computer through a USB or serial cable. Installing PowerAlert Local on the computer allows the end user to monitor power conditions and control the UPS system with a simple but powerful console interface. PowerAlert Local also directs the computer to automatically perform user-defined actions in response to changes in UPS and power conditions. For example, the computer can save open files and shut down safely when the UPS system's battery nears depletion during an extended power failure.

In a larger network setup, some computers and UPS systems may use PowerAlert Local and other UPS systems and PDUs may have stand-alone remote monitoring and control capability through internal SNMPWEBCARD accessories. The SNMPWEBCARD uses a console interface similar to the PowerAlert Local interface, but it can be accessed remotely through a Web browser or telnet. PowerAlert Network Management System (PANMS) allows the network manager to monitor and control all these resources from a single interface. PANMS automatically discovers each UPS system or PDU connected to the network through PowerAlert Local or an SNMPWEBCARD-up to 250 total.

All the functions available for each device through the PowerAlert console are available through PANMS, including rebooting connected equipment, individual outlet control, load monitoring, custom startup/shutdown sequences and more. Additional mass configuration tools, alarms, notifications and sorting options make it easy to manage the power resources for an entire network. Proactive power management is a key benefit of PANMS. Alarm notifications alert managers to network power conditions, allowing them to detect and correct power problems before they affect productivity.

PowerAlert is available as a free download for Windows and Linux.

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